The SEKnFind Newsletter September 2023

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The SEKnFind Newsletter
September 2023

We hope you enjoy this newsletter sent as a courtesy to adult patrons of a southeast Kansas library using the SEKnFind catalog.
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New Fiction

Happiness falls : a novel
by Angie Kim

Mia isn’t initially concerned when her family fails to return from a walk, until her mute brother Eugene, who suffers from a rare genetic condition, returns bloody and alone and is unable to describe what happened to their father.

The raging storm
by Ann Cleeves

When the body of Jem Rosco—sailor, adventurer and legend—is found in a dinghy, anchored off Scully Cove, DI Matthew Venn returns home to investigate where he is faced with superstition and rumor as another body is found, placing him and his team in danger. 150,000 first printing.

Whalefall : a novel
by Daniel Kraus

Diving in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Monastery Beach to find the remains of his deceased father, Jay Gardiner, in a terrifying turn of events, is swallowed by a sperm whale and has only one hour before his oxygen tanks run out—one hour to defeat his demons and escape. Simultaneous.

The covenant of water : a novel
by Abraham Verghese

Spanning the years 1900 to 1977, and set in Kerala, on South India’s Malabar Coast, an epic of love, faith and medicine follows three generations of a family that suffers a peculiar affliction: in every generation, at least one person dies by drowning.

Amazing Grace Adams
by Fran Littlewood

Grace Adams, a once-amazing woman who is now 45, stalled, perimenopausal and losing it, leaves her car in the middle of traffic and sets out to win back her estranged teen daughter on her 16th birthday. 300,000 first printing.

You, Again
by Kate Goldbeck

Former enemies-turn-friends, Ari, a struggling comedian, and Josh, a chef planning to take the culinary world by storm, both reeling from ego-bruising breakups, find comfort in each other’s company until one night, the unspoken boundaries of their platonic relationship begin to blur. Original. Index.

The September house
by Carissa Orlando

Determined to stay in her dream home—a haunted Victorian in which, every September, the walls drip blood, Margaret, when her husband leaves abruptly, finds every attempt at made at finding him causes the hauntings to grow more harrowing because there are some secrets the house needs to keep.

Starter villain
by John. Scalzi

When his long-lost uncle dies, leaving him his supervillain business, Charlie, as rich, soulless predators backed by multinational corporations and venture capital come after him, finds going bad looking pretty good with unionized dolphins, hyperintelligent talking spy cats and a terrifying henchperson at his side.

Fall of ruin and wrath
by Jennifer L Armentrout

Living hidden as a courtesan, Calista, born with an intuition that makes her of great value to the power-hungry of the world, comes to the rescue of a prince who tempts her like no other and forces her to choose: follow her intuition to safety or follow her heart to her downfall.

North woods : a novel
by Daniel Mason

Exploring the many ways we’re connected to our environment and to one another across time, language and space, this sweeping collection of stories about a single house in the woods of New England is told through the lives of an extraordinary succession of inhabitants. Illustrations.

The secret hours
by Mick Herron

When an MI5 case file appears without explanation on the eve of Monochrome’s shuttering, civil servants Griselda and Malcolm are drawn into the buried history of a classified operation in Cold War Berlin, which ended in tragedy and scandal—and whose cover-up has rewritten 30 years of Service history.

The lonesome gun
by William W. Johnstone

While escorting a lovely group of saloon girls, legendary gunslinger Perley Gates and his sidekick, Possum, cross paths with vicious outlaws and the Tarpley family, a corrupt clan who’d love nothing more than to take down a living legend. Original.

New Audiobooks

The Hollywood Jinx
by Sariah Wilson

No one thought movie star Nick Haddon would agree to come to Patience, Ohio’s, harvest festival, much less that he’d bring a documentary crew. But now Jane is his tour guide, and she knows better than to trust him.

An honest man : a novel
by Michael Koryta

A man who gained infamy after murdering his own father ten years prior discovers seven murdered men on his yacht, in the new thriller from the New York Times best-selling author of Those Who Wish Me Dead. 50,000 first printing.

Learned by heart
by Emma Donoghue

Based on a true story and a five-million-word secret journal, this extraordinary work of fiction follows an orphaned heiress, banished from India to England, and a brilliant, troublesome tomboy who meet at the Manor School for young ladies in 1805 York where they fall secretly, deeply and dangerous in love. Simultaneous.

New Nonfiction

To infinity & beyond : a journey of cosmic discovery
by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Drawing on mythology, history and literature, a legendary astrophysicist and host of the award-winning StarTalk podcast takes us on entertaining journey to the farthest reaches of the cosmos where, along the way, science greets pop culture as he explains the triumphs—and bloopers—in Hollywood’s blockbusters. 150,000 first printing. Illustrations.

You can live the dream : trading disappointment and discontentment for peace, joy, and fulfillment
by Nick Nilson

“What if you could start living the life of your dreams today? Everyone has dreams. Usually, they look like a set of achievements: a dream house, a dream job, a dream family, a dream vacation… However, in pursuing them, we often become disgruntled and disheartened as challenges, setbacks, and opposition come our way. We get stuck focusing on what we don’t have and where we want to be. Nick Nilson, Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church, offers a different approach to overcome these challenges: a change ofperspective. What if we stopped focusing on what we lack, and instead focused on what we do have, and the possibilities our life currently offers us? What would change if you truly believed that God was in the middle of your troubles, disappointment and heartache and actually working all things out for your good!? Imagine if your dream wasn’t a destination you chased, but a mindset you chose? You Can Live the Dream outlines how readers can harness the power of perspective in every aspect of their lives. Recognizing that you don’t have to wait to live the dream, you can live your dream now”

The end of reality : how four billionaires are selling a fantasy future of the metaverse, mars, and crypto
by Jonathan T. Taplin

Providing perceptive insight into the cultural power of four billionaires who are promoting schemes designed to divert our attention from issues that really matter, a public intellectual replaces the warped worldview of“The Four” with a vision of regenerative economics that seeks to build a sustainable society.

Five times faster : rethinking the science, economics, and diplomacy of climate change
by Simon Sharpe

“As Greenland melts, Australia burns, and greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, we think we know who the villains are: oil companies, consumerism, weak political leaders. But what if the real blocks to progress are the ideas and institutions that are supposed to be helping us? Five Times Faster is an inside story from Simon Sharpe, who has spent ten years at the forefront of climate change policy and diplomacy. In our fight to avoid dangerous climate change, science is pulling its punches, diplomacyis picking the wrong battles, and economics has been fighting for the other side. This provocative and engaging book sets out how we should rethink our strategies and reorganise our efforts in the fields of science, diplomacy, and economics, so that we can act fast enough to stay safe”

Of time and turtles : mending the world, shell by shattered shell
by Sy Montgomery

An acclaimed naturalist turns her journalistic curiosity to our long-lived cohabitants—turtles—and through their stories of hope and rescue, reveals new perspectives on time and healing. Illustrations.

Soldiers don’t go mad : a story of brotherhood, poetry, and mental illness during the First World War
by Charles Glass

Drawing on rich source materials as well as his own deep understanding of trauma and war, the author documents the friendship between two great WWI poets and patients at Craiglockhart War Hospital for treatment of shell shock to investigate the roots of what we now know as PTSD. Illustrations.

How to raise a happy cat : so they love you more than anyone else
by Sophie Collins

“How to Raise a Happy Cat focuses on the happiness to be found in the person/pet relationship and includes dozens of ideas for activities and hacks you can build into daily life with your pet, from spontaneous play and activities to making them the perfect sleep spot. We know how important happiness is for ourselves but when it comes to pets, making sure they’re happy – as opposed to obedient, say – is often underrated. Yet there’s plenty of fresh science that shows that a happy, engaged pet is easy to live with and creates happiness in its owners, too. How to Raise a Happy Cat shows what you can learn from your pet’s behaviour and body language, offer a mass of practical ways to raise your pet’s happiness levels, and show you how to connect with them in the way they’ll love best”

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