The SEKnFind Newsletter February 2024

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The SEKnFind Newsletter
February 2024

We hope you enjoy this newsletter sent as a courtesy to adult patrons of a southeast Kansas library using the SEKnFind catalog.
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New Fiction

The teacher
by Freida McFadden

A pariah at Caseham High School after having an inappropriate relationship with a teacher, Addie is desperate to keep the truth hidden, while Evie, horrified to find Addie in her class, is keeping something from her husband—and each will learn just how far someone will go to keep them silent. Original.

The night of the storm : a novel
by Nishita Parekh

Hunkering down with her sister in her fancy house in Sugar Land, along with her brother-in-law’s family, as Hurricane Harvey bears down on Houston, single mom Jia Shah and her 12-year-old son, Ishaan, finds tensions escalating along with the storm, resulting in murder.

Keep your friends close
by Leah Konen

Involved in a messy divorce and desperate for a friend, Mary confides in another playground mom, who disappears for two months only to reappear with a new identity after Mary’s ex-husband is found dead, making her a prime suspect. Original.

Mrs. Quinn’s rise to fame : a novel
by Olivia Ford

A contestant on a British baking show, Jenny, who, after 59 years of marriage, has decided to do something for herself, delights in her new-found independence, but finds the show unearthing memories buried decades ago—and a secret that could be a recipe for disaster.

The wren, the wren : a novel
by Anne Enright

Centering around celebrated Irish poet Phil McDaragh, who was lauded in public but was carelessly selfish at home, three generations of McDaragh women must contend with inheritances—poetic wonder, abandonment and a sustaining love—in this intricately woven tapestry of longing, betrayal and hope.

The frame-up
by Gwenda Bond

A magically gifted art forger, Dani Poissant, the daughter and former accomplice of the world’s most famous art thief whom she betrayed, must assemble her estranged mother’s old crew to pull off a once-in-a-lifetime heist and discovers there’s far more at stake in this job than she ever realized.

The mountain king : a novel
by Anders De la Motte

After a high-profile kidnapping case goes wrong, criminal inspector Leonore Asker is relegated to the so-called Department of Lost Souls where she, drawn into a peculiar case, one possibly linked to the kidnapping, is led to the darkest recesses of the city where an unusual kind of evil lurks in the shadows.

The book of doors : a novel
by Gareth Brown

When her favorite customer, a lonely yet charming old man, dies right in front of her, Cassie holds on to the last book he was reading, which turns out to be a rare volume that has great power and she is tasked with protecting it from those who will do evil.

Thirteen ways to kill Lulabelle Rock
by Maud Woolf

The 13th copy made of washed-up actress Lulabelle Rock, tasked with tracking down and eliminating her predecessors, finds her mission made difficult by a developing conscience and falling love with one of her targets. Original.

Everyone on this train is a suspect : a novel
by Benjamin Stevenson

On a famous Australian train between Darwin and Adelaide for the Mystery Writers’ Society one of the attendees is murdered for real in the new mystery from the author of Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone. 150,000 first printing.

This plague of souls
by Mike McCormack

Returning from prison to his house in the west of Ireland to find it empty, Nealon, receiving calls from a man who claims to know what’s happened to his family, is drawn into a verbal game of cat and mouse that leaps from his past to a series of international crimes.

The Woman Who Inherited Trouble
by C. K. Crigger

When January Billings receives a letter informing her not only of a grandfather she knew nothing about, but also that a meeting with the attorney will include something to her advantage, she is both angry and intrigued. Eli Pasco convinces her to follow up on the matter. A second note telling her to stay away “on pain of death” only makes the decision easier. January is not a woman to be cowed by threats. Turns out her grandfather was enormously wealthy and he’s left most of his fortune to January. Three male cousins expected to inherit the fortune and, one way or another, mean to see they do. Matters escalate when January meets two more unnamed heirs-underage kids she begins to feel responsible for. Arson, arrows, kidnapping, and murder are all in the cousins’ bag of tricks. As January fights to stay alive and keep the kids safe, Eli and a few friends join her in her mission to see justice done.

New Audiobooks

Only If You’re Lucky
by Stacy Willingham

Margot finds herself living in an off-campus house with three other girls. But by the middle of their sophomore year, one of the fraternity boys from next door has been brutally murdered, and Lucy Sharpe is missing.

The Fox Wife
by Yangsze Choo

Manchuria, 1908. A young woman is found frozen in the snow. Her death is clouded by rumors of foxes involved, which are believed to lure people by transforming themselves into beautiful women and men. Bao, a detective with a reputation for sniffing out the truth, is hired to uncover the dead woman’s identity. Since childhood, Bao has been intrigued by the fox gods, yet they’ve remained tantalizingly out of reach. Until, perhaps, now. Meanwhile, a family that owns a famous Chinese medicine shop can cure ailments, but not the curse that afflicts them, their eldest sons die before their twenty-fourth birthdays. Now the only grandson of the family is twenty-three. When a mysterious woman enters their household, their luck seems to change. Or does it? Is their new servant a simple young woman from the north or a fox spirit bent on her own revenge?

The Wishing Bridge
by Viola Shipman

Middle-aged career woman Henrietta Wegner needs to convince her parents to sell their iconic Christmas store to a massive corporation before the holidays. But what sounded great in the boardroom begins to lose its luster in reality.

New Nonfiction

Infectious generosity : the ultimate idea worth spreading
by Chris Anderson

Recounting inspiring stories from the world’s boldest thinkers, the bestselling author, media pioneer and curator of TED shows how generosity has the power to transform outrage back into optimism and offers a playbook for how to embark on our own generous acts. Illustrations.

If love could kill : the myths and truths of women who commit violence
by Anna Motz

An internationally acclaimed forensic psychotherapist based in London explores the underexamined psychological reasons for female violence, explaining that it is more widespread than realized and reveals how it exposes centuries-old beliefs about women and their value.

Budget Happy : The Win-win Secret to Saving and Spending Money
by Lisa Woodley

Hi, I’m Lisa, and I want to give the word ‘budget’ a makeover! For most people, the very thought of budgeting makes them want to run a mile. It suggests restriction, going without and only buying the cheapest of the cheap. But at its best, budgeting can mean making smart decisions, planning your spending carefully and having plenty left over for treats.

The last fire season : a personal and pyronatural history
by Manjula Martin

In this part memoir, part natural history, part literary inquiry, the author recounts her experiences in Northern California during the worst fire season on record, which causes her to question her own assumptions about nature and the complicated connections between people and the land on which we live.

Big meg : the story of the largest and most mysterious predator that ever lived
by Tim F. Flannery

A father-daughter scientist team presents an account of the ancient marine creature known as the megalodon, a now extinct shark that was the largest predator of all time, and its impact on both marine ecosystems and the human psyche.

Rethinking diabetes : what science reveals about diet, insulin, and successful treatments
by Gary Taubes

Exploring the history underpinning the treatment of diabetes, types 1 and 2, an award-winning journalist and best-selling author of Why We Get Fat reimagines diabetes care that argues for a recentering of diet over a reliance on insulin.

The batch lady : healthy family favourites
by Suzanne Mulholland

Provides easy-to-follow, freezable, portion-controlled recipes for creating fresh, healthy and satisfying meals for the whole family without spending hours in the kitchen. 10,000 first printing. Illustrations.

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