The Iron Star

The Iron Star is one of Fort Scott’s most popular stops for antiques, furniture, decorations and collectibles. Located in Historic Downtown Fort Scott, the store’s charm stems not only from its merchandise but also from the beautiful building in which it resides.

Open Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Owner Barbara Trimbur states that one neat thing about The Iron Star is that it offers a mix of the “old and new”–beautiful antiques as well as unique new pieces of furniture and other household items.


This small business plays an important part in the downtown, attracting not only tourists, but also many local shoppers. According to Trimbur, her favorite part of being a downtown business is “meeting people from all over” and that The Iron Star loves to welcome tourists, but it also depends on local citizens to keep its doors open. The very morning I visited the store, several cars carrying local shoppers were already waiting to enter the store when it opened its doors.

Before entering the store, a visitor is greeted with the beautiful, well-kept exterior of the Victorian-era commercial building. When walking into the store, visitors will find tastefully appointed furniture for sale, as well as antiques from a variety of vendors. The store also offers a selection of decor items that are rustic and charming in nature, but the selection is wide enough so that a visitor might find something to fit a style of decor in any home.

The store’s biggest event is its Open House in November. According to Trimbur, The Iron Star started a tradition that many downtown business continue to follow. Trimbur said with a smile, “We have people calling to ask, “When’s your Open House?”

The welcoming atmosphere, tasteful merchandise and friendly associates have made the store what Trimbur terms a destination for downtown visitors, and I have no doubt that the store and its staff are a great ambassador for the store and for Fort Scott, just as the owner wishes.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful store and Barbara is soooooo helpful. Barbara really knows how to merchandise her ware. Fort Scott is an awesome place to shop for treasures.

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