The Grinch at Fort Scott High School

Area children from kindergarten through eighth grade, under the tutelage of Fort Scott High School Thespians, entertained the audience at the high school auditorium Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.
From left: Cindy Lou Who is portrayed by Gianna Gorman, the Grinch portrayed by Remy Witt and Max, the dog is portrayed by Matthew Eaton.
The Fort Scott High School Auditorium filled up Saturday afternoon prior to the first showing of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Fort Scott High School Thespians along with local children from kindergarten to eighth grade provided an enjoyable rendition of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” Saturday and Sunday in the high school auditorium.

Forty-four children and youth presented the play to a large crowd on Saturday afternoon.

There were nine scenes and three songs performed under the direction of Angie Bin.

Student directors were Darrick Green, Kaitlyn Hanks, and Hunter Adamson. Acting coaches were Ivy Bailey, Katie Button, Alex Gorman, Karina Kentilal, Grant Coffman and Mackenzie Peoples.

Music directors were Mary Gladbach and Katie Button.

Choreographers were Addy Labbe and Mesa Jones.

The set designer was Mary Gladbach.

Lighting director was Alyx Brooks, lighting assistant was Lexi Bailey.

Sound designer was Dominic Cannon, the sound tech was Levi Bin.

Costume, make-up and hair designers were Ally Heenan and Haley Dugan.

Costume, make-up and hair crew was Carlee Studyvin.

The Grinch logo designer was Grant Coffman.

The Grinch was portrayed by Remy Witt;  Max, the dog-Matthew Eaton; Cindy Lou Who-Gianna Gorman; Lou Who-Zachary Cox; Betty Lou Who-Lillian Collins; Mayor of Whoville-Jericho Jones; Assistant to Mayor Raywho Rose-Bareigh Farr; Clerk Vanessa Raywho-Tina Rameriz; Shopper Zoe Spagawiggle-Zoe Newman; Sue Who-Annabelle Gorman; Drew Who-Payton Bowling; Policeman-Casey Gomez.

The story was narrated by Harley Button-Emma Bin, Claywho Winkle-Connor Davenport, Kinsley Button-Kinsley Davis, Piper Schmockendocker-Piper Fulton, Abigail Winkle- Tuesday Glessner, Mook Jazzleberry-Courtney Shelton, Jenna Schmockendocker-Cadence Tuck, Emmersyn Jazzbleberry-Lydia Witt, Jessica Winkle-Berkley Wood.

The Whos were portrayed by Toni Jazzleberry-Maddison Buckman, Tanny Jazzleberry-Raidan Buckman, Zaria Spagawiggle-Zaria Byrd, Brynn Winkle-Brynn Casper, Ella Winkle-Kodi Casper, Melissa Boo Button-Mesa Casper, Lucas Button-Kaiden Clary, Pettywigsnatcher Winkle-Megan Connor, Gaby Winkle-Macey Conner, Lily Button,-Breena Cox, Paisley Schmockendocker-Bryn Crisler, Window Schmockendocker-Peighton Head, Willow Schmockendocker- Lexi Hill, Annabelle Schmockendocker-Anna Laugenstein, Sammy Jazzleberry-Kaitlyn Leavell, Abi Winkle-Avery Marsh, Christy Spagawiggle-Chrislen Newman, Mila Spagawiggle-Mila Newman, Ajax Schmockendocker-Khris Patel, Mary-o-berry Button-Allie Thomas.



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  1. amazing talent. costumes were fantastic. smiles everywhere. proud of these youngsters and the people around them that gave of their time for this experience

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