The Bunker brings weapons training and retail to Fort Scott

During their grand opening held Saturday July 2, The Bunker drew a large number of visitors to their downtown store to purchase weapons and other gear or learn about the training courses the store will offer.

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Chad Wise, a member of the United States Army and assistant professor currently stationed at Fort Leavenworth, said he is scheduled to retire this year and, about three years ago, he and his wife Melissa began considering a business such as The Bunker where he could continue putting his skills gained through the army to good use.

“Why not find a way to utilize it?” Wise said of that knowledge of firearms and training from his time spent in the army and teaching graduate level courses to officers. “I wanted something else to do.”

Recognizing the growing demand for firearms and concealed carry licenses as gun laws continue to change, Wise said they began working towards opening The Bunker, with great support from the city and the community, to bring not just weapons retail but training courses to Fort Scott.

“I think there’s always a need for weapons safety and being comfortable with a firearm,” Wise said.

Currently, The Bunker will open its doors 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Saturday until Wise retires, with more hours potentially being added to that based on the community’s interest. A wide variety of new and used weapons and other equipment will be available at the store located on Scott Avenue.

Starting next week, The Bunker will also regularly offer training courses at an off-site, outdoor range located about six miles west of Fort Scott, where participants can receive basic instruction including self-defense, safety, shooting techniques, loading and unloading a weapon and other aspects of using pistols and rifles. Different technical courses will offer a range of training for participants with different levels of experience.

Events include couples’ and ladies’ nights as well as classes on conceal carry. Group team-building events can also be scheduled for any organizations or businesses interested in a group outing.

Wise said some classes have already sold out, but more will continue to be scheduled. Depending on the demand, he added they hope to possibly add an indoor range at their downtown location as well.

Already, Wise said they have received a good response concerning the classes, which will be informative as well as fun, as different competitions and even meals are provided during select courses.

“A family-friendly environment is really important to us,” Wise said, saying they will not teach offensive tactics, but defensive and self-protection strategies.

The classes will be taught by Wise as well as Mike Trim, of the local police department, and his brother Nick. Weapons and ammunition will be available for rent for the courses and ear and eye protection can be provided if needed.

Those interested in learning more about The Bunker and what it offers can visit it at 108 Scott Avenue and at their website,

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