Taco Azul Food Truck Moves to The Twin Mansions

Taco Azul Food Truck has turned the gazebo on the grounds of the Twin Mansions into place to eat their Mexican food. Submitted photo.

The Taco Azul Food Truck has moved to a new site with more seating and shade for their customers.

The menu. Submitted photo.

“We’re excited about this move because there’s more seating, more shade, more room for kids to move around, and altogether a great atmosphere,” Erin Macik said. “Seb set up a really neat outside dining area, and it will be a lovely gathering place for the folks of Fort Scott.”

“Our only regret is that everyone at the Washateria was very accommodating and pleasant to work with, and we’re sad to leave them,” she said.

The reason for the move: technical reasons.

“The generator for the trailer has a carbon monoxide detector and automatically shuts off when levels get high,” she said. “Unfortunately, it was shutting off about every 20 minutes, so we needed to find a place with a plug-in. We were able to install one easily at the mansions, and Seb is starting there today!”

“After a year of planning and setting up, we opened at the Good Ol’ Days festival this year,” Erin said.

Taco Azul at Good Ol Days Festival 2023. Submitted photo.

Seb Macik spent some time teaching in Mexico City before he and Erin were married, and discovered Mexican street tacos during that time.

“Ever since then, he’s been working to make the perfect street taco, and the result is Taco Azul: real-deal Mexico City tacos in Fort Scott, KS,” she said.

Street tacos made by Seb Macik. Submitted photo.

The Twin Mansions are located at 742 National Ave., Fort Scott, they are in the parking lot behind

Regular hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

“We post the week’s schedule on Facebook every week, and there are slight changes occasionally, but in general, those are the hours we’ll be open,” Erin said.



Taco Azul Food Truck has moved to the Twin Mansions property on National Avenue. Submitted photo. This is the dining area set up at the gazebo on the property.


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  1. The Costra is so good, a piece of crispy fried cheese wrapped around the fresh tortilla, salsa and meat? Delicioso, ma’am. My whole taco world has changed for the better since Taco Azul opened.

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