Symbols of Sacrifice – September 13th

September 13, 2014 is a date you should have on your calendar for the Symbols of Sacrifice event. Fort Scott will be honoring our nation’s heroes from the War on Terror. The event will be hosted at the historic Fort with many activities scheduled throughout the day. The Fort is partnering with the Friends of FSNHS, Mercy Hospital and the Symbols of Sacrifice Committee to host this event.

Since the United States started the ‘War on Terror,’ nearly 7,000 Americans have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom. On September 13, each of these soldiers will be honored throughout the day. On the Parade Ground, an American Flag will be placed in memory of each soldier who gave their life. Starting at 7am, the reading of the names of those soldiers will commence. Here is a brief schedule of events that day:

7am Reading of the names of Military Heroes lost since 9/11

9am Mercy / SOS Fun Run

10:45am American Military Sacrifices Through the Years

11:30am Musical Prelude

12:00pm Opening Ceremony

The “Field of Honor” will be open all week following the opening ceremony. Visitors are welcome to come a visit during daylight hours. All the activities are free to attend. Also, on Saturday, the farmer’s market will be open.

To see a more detailed order of events, please visit:

Also, if you are interested in signing up for the 5K fun run, you can click here:

In case you didn’t know: the Fort was established in 1842 and was in place to maintain peace on the ‘Western Frontier.’ The Fort has a rich history and we encourage you to spend some time learning about the history of Fort Scott.

Upcoming Events at the Fort:

Symbols of Sacrifice – September 11-17
Citizen Ceremony – September 26
Discussion of the film “Slavery by Another Name – October 2-4
Shared Stories of the Civil War – October 25; 2pm
Candlelight Tour – December 4 & 5

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