Suzanne Griffin Is Now Creating Goodies at Common Ground Coffee Shop


Some of Common Ground Coffee Company’s employees from left to right: Sutton Shelden, Heidi Shrakes, Suzanne Griffin, Sam Burenheide, and Ellen Maher.
Suzanne Griffen, former owner of Twigs and Berries Catering, became a part of the Common Ground Coffee Co. team on March 25
 as a baker.
Suzanne Griffin. Submitted photo.
“Suzanne will help keep our pastry cabinet full, along with doing any catering and special events,” according to Stacy Racy, a Common Ground volunteer. “We are excited to fill our calendar with fun events for our community.”
A creation of Griffin, cookie butter cake. I submitted photo.
“You’re welcome to contact Suzanne directly for any of your catering needs or contact Common Grounds at 620-223-2499, according to Racy. “We are excited to see what God has in store for Common Ground over the next year.”
A creation of Griffin, a circus animal cake. Submitted photo.
“I do not have any set hours, but find myself going in almost daily,” Griffin said. “We are combining each of our specialties to work together.”
A dessert by Griffin, ham and cheddar quiche. Submitted photo.
She said her beginning at the coffee shop is bad news/good news story.
She had been working in her catering business from home and wasn’t licensed to do so.
” I knew I was taking a risk, but I really just wanted to be home,” she said. ” I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom.  On March 12th, we were served a notice to cease from the Kansas Department of Agriculture.  It was disheartening because it was part of the income we relied upon.  It was frustrating that whoever felt strong enough to report us, did so and anonymously.  It was confusing because everyone who picked up food from me, knew I was working from my home kitchen and didn’t care.”
A chocolate dessert by Griffin., chocolate bundt cake with a shot of expresso. Submitted photo.
Some of her clients in that business were widows who didn’t want to go out to eat alone,  families fighting cancer,  older couples who didn’t want to cook for just two people, moms who worked and wanted home-cooked meals but were exhausted after working all day, according to Griffin.
“It felt like we were doing more than feeding,” she said.  “We were helping fill a gap, building friendships, caring in a way I know how.  I really didn’t know what I would do next.  Take a job? But I didn’t want to be gone all day.  We have two kids homeschooling.  Convert the house next door? But then we have additional overhead also.”
 ” The very next day, Stacy Racy and Heidi Shrakes (the manager)from Common Ground and I chatted,” she said.
“We attend church together at Fort Scott Church of the Nazarene which owns Common Ground and our hearts for the coffee shop align to have a place of ministry and outreach by way of serving our customers and providing a peaceful and encouraging environment to others to gather, study, hang out.  For me, to hug as many necks as possible in a day.  To put prayers on the prayer wall, to serve delicious food.”
She prays daily for the prayer requests left  on the wall in the coffee shop and , “for our foods to stretch, for the calendar to fill up with activites, that God will meet each of our customer’s needs and they will feel loved as they come and go.”
A Griffin charcuterie tray. Submitted photo.
Hours the shop is open: Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., and Saturday from  8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The shop serves coffee, teas, lemonade, drinks, smoothies, and dozens of different syrups which makes the flavor options unlimited, she said.
“You could try something different every day,” she said.  “We also have amazing cookies,  breakfast sandwiches, wraps, salad, chicken salad, and a mixture of pastries and desserts.”

There are approximately nine employees.

“There are also several that completely volunteer their time,” Griffin said.

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