Starlite FCE June 2022 Minutes

The June meeting of Starlite FCE was held at the Yeager Building on the Bourbon County Fair Grounds.  President Glenda Miller called the meeting to order.  Joyce Allen led the club in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Club Collect.  Ten members were in attendance and reported twenty-nine hours of volunteer work and that they had recycled forty pounds of cardboard.


Deb Lust announced that they will be putting out the flags on July 4th and those interested in helping should be at East National at 7 am to put them up, and 4pm to take them down.  It was also announced that Doris Ericson has been selected as the State Heart of FCE winner, congratulations Doris.  A thank you letter from Jackie Warren was read and a letter form Megan Brillhart was also read.


Doris Ericson gave the treasurer’s report.  Glenda Miller presented receipts for items for the library.  Letha Johnson moved we pay Glenda for the items bought, Betty Johnson seconded the motion, motion carried.  June birthdays are Betty Johnson, Doris Ericson, Del Parks and Jackie Warren has a birthday in July.


Glenda Miller announced that Starlite had received our 65-year Gold Star at the area recognition day and that Starlite had won first place in the education category with “Where is the top of the World” lesson, and second in the Community Service category with our Honoring Veteran’s project.


New Business consisted of discussing our service project with the library.  A sign-up sheet was passed to bring items needed for their upcoming events.  It is also announced that they would enjoy having volunteers to come in and read to the children.  Joyce Allen and Glenda Miller had helped with a previous party and Joyce had also volunteered to read stories.   Sign-up sheets to help at the fair were also passed around.  Starlite is responsible for helping check-in and for keeping record of the judging for Prepared Foods, Preserved Foods, Photography and Fine Arts and Farm and Garden produce.  Karen Peery will be setting of a presentation at the fair on Last Wishes.


Terri Williams reminded everyone that the King Arthur Flour contest entries forms needed to be sent to Jackie Warren by July 1st and that on July 2nd the flour for the contest will be handed out at the Yeager building from 9:00 – 11:00 am.  The Fair entry for open class will be accepted on July 18 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm in the Meyers building.


Deb Lust moved that the meeting be adjourned, Joyce Allen seconded the motion, meeting adjourned…Deb Woods presented the program “Make a Med DASH to a Healthy Heart” after the meeting while the members enjoyed refreshments of fruit pizza, biscotti, nuts, mints and water provided by Joyce Allen and Terri Williams.

Submitted by Terri Williams


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