Fort Scott Software Business Is Recognized Internationally


Spyder, Inc, local software company, led by CEO, Nedra Barr and Chief Technology Officer Mike Upright was recently recognized by Data Magazine, UK, as one of the “Best Cloud Data Services Startups and Companies” in Kansas.  “We are thrilled to be recognized by experts monitoring our space.  These experts collect data on companies then rank them by categories, states, etc” said CEO Nedra Barr.  “For Spyder to be recognized is amazing and showcases the hard work and efforts we have been putting in over the past 15 months.

The Spyder solution uses IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure to serve the insurance and financial services industries.

Spyder has big plans to assist the Fort Scott/Bourbon County community.  Providing good paying jobs with great benefits is something desperately needed in the local community.  Spyder’s minimum annual salary is higher than Fort Scott’s median wage.  “Good paying jobs with benefits goes along way to help restore this wonderful community back to the glory days of the Western Insurance Companies, where good jobs were plentiful.  These efforts will assist community efforts to attract a hospital group which is so important to our local community,” Barr said. “We believe the town is on the upswing. The downtown buildings are looking great, small businesses are plentiful, and the pride in this community is amazing. We think this community is ripe for a company like Spyder.  It is truly exciting to be a part of such an important effort for this community.”

In July, Spyder will be raising their funding round to launch into growth mode.

“We have built and tested our basic infrastructure storage product and now ready to begin enhancing and adding larger product features and modules into the product,” she said.  “In addition, we will be ready to launch our sales team into enterprise opportunities within large insurance and financial services firms in the next few months” said Upright. “Spyder’s products drive efficiencies within these large organizations saving them time and money.  It is important for Spyder to raise this round of funding locally.  We want to protect Spyder from being funded then pulled out of Fort Scott as our headquarters.  We are building Spyder for our community to benefit from, so protecting the Fort Scott location is important to us.”

Spyder will host a luncheon in late July for interested potential investors to learn more about how Spyder will help the local community and their markets.  Interested parties may reach out to Nedra Barr or Mike Upright to be added to the invite list.  [email protected], [email protected]


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