Spring Pop Up Event: Lots of Goodies For Foodies

Two area food vendors are planning an event on March 27 at the Tractor Supply parking lot, on South Main Street in Fort Scott.

The Blue Spoon, Pittsburg, and Perry’s Pork Rinds, Bronson, are partnering for a second annual Spring Pop Up Event.

Blue Spoon


Christina Oberle and Brenda Davis are the owners of The Blue Spoon Food Truck. Submitted photo.
From left are Christina Oberle and Brenda Davis. Submitted photo.

The Blue Spoon is a food truck whose specialty is a variety of macaroni and cheese dishes and was created in Pittsburg, by Brenda Davis.

Davis began her food truck venture in July 2017.  Christina Oberle is a partner in the business.

“It became very well-liked and instead of a hobby it became a success,” Oberle said.

“The name (The Blue Spoon) just came to us… we thought and thought and thought,” Oberle said. “Brenda wanted to create a memory and have our customers walking away remembering who we are. With that, the Blue Spoon was formed and the logo created,” Oberle said.   “Every dish is served with a blue spoon… if the dish needs a fork, well it’ll be white.”

“We specialize in mac ‘n cheese (dishes)… all varieties,” Oberle said. “Plain to Chicken Mac, to Chops and Cheese, which is a grilled pork chop in a bowl of mac ‘ cheese, and soon to be released, Lobster Mac.”

The Lobster Mac and Cheese bowl. Submitted photo.

“We have a great variety, eleven flavors, at big events,” she said.  “We also serve fresh-cut fries, nachos, and funnel cakes. All with varieties… nothing plain Jane here, we even put it on a sandwich!”

Oberle lived a few years in Fort Scott, working at Lifetouch and Woods Grocery.

“I came to know a lot of people there and wanted to share our awesome food with Fort Scott,” Oberle said. “A few years ago we got into the Good ‘Ol Days and last year we were able to do the wonderful pop-up with Perry’s Pork Rinds! They are wonderful people and through this journey, we have had the great honor of meeting many entrepreneurs like them!”

The food truck is currently part-time, Oberle said.

“You just never know when this can become a full-time gig,” she said.

Perry’s Pork Rinds

Kelly and Thaddeus Perry are the owners of Perry’s Pork Rinds. Submitted photo.

Perry’s Pork Rinds is a family-owned business, with the husband and wife team of Thaddeus and Kelly Perry.

Perry’s Pork Rinds sold their rinds last year at the pop-up event. Submitted photo.

They make small-batch pork rinds in the following flavors:

Original, Spicy, Ranch, BBQ, Cinnamon Sugar, Chili Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, Chili Lime, Garlic Parmesan, Shoe String Cracklings, Bacon Cheddar.

They recently expanded their business with a new product: fudge.

Chocolate walnut fudge. Submitted photo.
They can make up to 350 flavors but they feature chocolate walnut, chocolate fudge, birthday cake, and peanut butter.
Birthday cake fudge. Submitted photo.
“We use real cream and butter to make our fudge,” Kelly Perry said. “We pour them directly into containers and ship them nationwide and take them into the fairs and festivals.”


The cost for both rinds and fudge is  $8 for 8 oz.
Fudge is poured into individual containers to sell to customers. Submitted photo.
“The company that we actually bought into is the same company that is selling inside of Bass Pro shops and Ozark Land,” Kelly Perry said.  “We had to pay a hefty price for a custom kettle, as much as a small car!”

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