Spoiled Brat Building examined by engineer

Residents and visitors driving downtown may be met with an unfamiliar sight on the corner at 124 E Wall street in Fort Scott. The Spoiled Brat Salon is a favorite downtown destination for hair and nail care, and the historic building in which it resides is currently reinforced with precautionary supports.


According to Spoiled Brat stylist Heather Engstrom, the prospective issues with the building were spotted by a nearby structural engineer. “The building next to us had some roof problems” Engstrom said. The engineer, Thomas Rewerts of Kansas City, was looking at the adjacent building. Rewerts came over to look at the Spoiled Brat building and was a bit concerned about one of the load bearing walls on the exterior of the building. Engstrom mentioned that the wall in question goes down into the crawlspace and supports weight from the roof, making it a central part of the structure of the building.  In order to take some of the load off the wall in question, a structure has been built on the inside of the building to to support the weight of the roof.

Those who have been inside the salon have seen result of the great amount of time and money the salon owner has put into the building, making it a thriving business location once again. According to Engstrom, they put quite a lot of time and money into the building about 6 years ago and are waiting on insurance to see about repairing the load bearing wall.

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