Southwind Judging Team Wins American Royal

From left to right: Brody Nemecek, Clay Brillhart, Jillian Keller, Haydon Schaaf, Carla Nemecek (coach)


The Southwind Extension District 4-H Livestock Judging Team of Jillian Keller (Piqua), Brody Nemecek (Iola), Haydon Schaaf (Uniontown), and Clay Brillhart (Fort Scott) participated at the American Royal Livestock Show last week in Kansas City, MO.

By a large margin of 30 points, Southwind District was named Champion 4-H Team. They were selected as the only team to represent Kansas 4-H because they were the State Champion 4-H Livestock Judging Team in August 2019.

With 19 different state teams and 70 youth in the contest, this group continues to work hard to earn national recognition.

In addition to being the High Team Overall, they were also 1st in Reasons, 3rd in Sheep/Goats, 2nd in Swine and 2nd in Cattle.

Individual results include: Jillian Keller – 2nd High Individual Overall, 1st in Cattle, 9th in Swine and 10th in Reasons;

Haydon Schaaf – 4th Individual Overall, 3rd in Reasons, 7th in Sheep/Goats, 8th in Swine;

Brody Nemecek – 2nd in Swine and tied for 10th  Individual Overall;

Clay Brillhart, 4th in Sheep/Goats and 7th in Swine.

The team continues to be coached by Carla Nemecek, Southwind District Director.



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