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January 2024

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New Fiction

First lie wins : a novel
by Ashley Elston

A woman with many faces and identities, Evie Porter, covertly moves from job to job for her unknown employer until her latest mark, Ryan Summer gets under her skin and makes her envision a different sort of life.

No one can know
by Kate Alice Marshall

Returning to the house where her parents were murdered, mother-to-be Emma Palmer who has never told anyone what she saw the night her parents died, even when she became the prime suspect, is reunited with her estranged sisters who will do anything to keep the past buried.

The fury
by Alex Michaelides

Spending Easter with Lana Farrar, a reclusive ex-movie star and one of the most famous women in the world, on her idyllic private Greek island, her guests, concealing hatred and desire for revenge, become trapped when the night ends in violence and murder.

True north : a novel
by Andrew J. Graff

A heartfelt novel of marriage and whitewater rafting follows one couple as they navigate the changing currents of family, community and the river itself.

The waters : a novel
by Bonnie Jo Campbell

Spending the days searching for truths on an island in the Great Massasauga Swamp, 11-year-old Dorothy Zook, the granddaughter of an herbalist and eccentric healer, finds her childhood upended by family secrets, passionate love and violent men where the only bridge across the water is her wayward mother.

Hedging your bets : a novel
by Jayne Denker

Happily divorced Gillian prefers her garden to the dating scene but is intrigued by her new neighbor until they’re pitted against each other in gardening contest, in the new novel from the author of the“Welcome to Marsden” series. Original.

The house of last resort : a novel
by Christopher Golden

Buying an abandoned house in the remote Italian town of Becchina, American couple Tommy and Kate Puglisi are drawn into a nightmare when they discover the home was owned by the Church—and learn the truth about what the priests were doing in this house for all those long years.

Sanctuary of the shadow
by Aurora Ascher

Hidden within an unusual circus run by a centuries-old Enchanter, Harrow, keeping her true identity and magical ability a secret, finds her destiny in an elemental with no recollection of who he is, forcing her to reveal the secrets from her own dark past to save this dangerous creature.

Mislaid in parts half-known
by Seanan McGuire

When Eleanor West’s School for Wayward Children’s mean girl discovers her talent for finding absolutely anything, new student Antsy searches for a way back to the Shop Where Lost Things Go to be sure Vineta and Hudson are keeping their promise.

The curse of Pietro Houdini : a novel
by Derek B. Miller

In 1943, 14-year-old Massimo, rescued by a mysterious man called Pietro Houdini who preserves the treasures within the Benedictine abbey’s wall, accompanies him on a World War II art-heist adventure where they lie, cheat, steal, fight, kill and sin to survive, while smuggling Renaissance masterpieces they’ve rescued from the“safe keeping” of the Germans.

The caretaker : a novel
by Ron Rash

In 1951, Blackburn Gant, the sole caretaker of a hilltop cemetery in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, is charged with caring for his best friend’s wife, Naomi, when he is drafted to serve overseas, and as Blackburn and Naomi grow closer and closer, a shocking revelation upends numerous lives.

On the Oregon Trail
by Robert Vaughan

When sixteen-year-old Matt Logan and his friend Danny Dugan ran away from an orphanage, they went west. There, they met Jim Bridger, among other mountain men, and became fur trappers. But the market for beaver plews died out, and the two friends took on jobs as wagon train guides. They eventually separated, hoping to meet again. One of the trains Matt picks up in Independence began its journey in St. Louis, led by widower Cody McNair. Cody was a well experienced leader, having once been the captain of an ocean-going sailing ship. His adult son and daughter, Jared and Ellen, make the trip with him. Also a part of the wagon company is Lon Baker, his wife Norma, and their eight-year-old daughter, Precious. Lon had been a slave on the McNair farm. When Cody’s father died, Cody had sold the farm and granted Lon his freedom. Lon, in turn, followed Cody to serve as a crewman on his ship. The two were now best friends and were embarking on this new adventure together. On the journey west, tension develops with some of the members of the train, and Cody and Matt are tasked with keeping things in check as the train endures the rigors of travel on their way to Oregon City, Oregon.

New Audiobooks

The Guests
by Margot Hunt

When a Category 5 hurricane is poised to hit their coastal Florida town, the Davies family takes refuge in their waterfront manse. Marlowe, Lee, and their teenage twins invite their close friends to wait out the storm in comfort and style. Uninvited are the three strangers who dock on the family’s shore right before the storm descends. Brothers Jason and Bo―and Bo’s girlfriend, Darcy―are a charming, helpful trio in need of a safe haven that the Davies are only too happy to provide. But as the storm outside grows more threatening, so does the tension in the house. Soon, the lines between family, friends, and strangers blur. Danger mounts with every pointed finger and broken confidence, and long-held secrets are revealed one after another until only one truth remains: not everyone is going to make it out alive.

The Heiress
by Rachel Hawkins

When Ruby McTavish Callahan Woodward Miller Kenmore dies, her adopted son, Camden, rejects his inheritance, settling into a normal life as an English teacher in Colorado and marrying Jules, a woman just as eager to escape her own messy past. Ten years later, his uncle’s death pulls Cam and Jules back into the family fold and questions about the infamous heiress come to light. What really happened to those four husbands, who all died under mysterious circumstances? And why did she adopt Cam in the first place? Soon, Jules and Cam realize that an inheritance can entail far more than what’s written in a will–and that the bonds of family stretch far beyond the grave

Birdie & Harlow : Life, Loss, and Loving My Dog So Much I Didn’t Want Kids… Until I Did
by Taylor Wolfe

Taylor Wolfe tells the story of her wonderfully codependent relationship with her dog, and what he taught her about chosen family and the rewards of motherhood.

New Nonfiction

Your pocket therapist : break free from old patterns and transform your life
by Annie Zimmerman

“Every day, psychotherapist Dr. Annie Zimmerman meets clients in her private London practice who are struggling with their lives. They’re committed to achieving personal growth, making changes-but they’re struck at the question stage. They ask her: Why can’t I sleep? Why do I keep going back to a bad relationship? Why did I lose my temper? What is wrong with me? Here’s the thing: nothing is wrong with them. It’s just that they’re asking themselves the wrong questions. In Your Pocket Therapist, Dr. Zimmerman helps readers delve into their past to identify old, unhelpful patterns and teach them how to unlock the present. The book combines practical tools with anecdotes gleaned from the therapy room, distilling complex psychological concepts with her signature warmth and empathy. Her belief-galvanized by her hundreds of thousands of followers-is that if we learn to understand the roots of our suffering, we can bring about meaningful-and permanent-change in our lives. It comes down to learning how to ask the right questions. A brilliant, necessary toolkit for those who want to break free from past patterns and embrace a life of abundant self-awareness and connection, Your Pocket Therapist is an absolute must-read in the field of psychology”

Njuta : (enjoy, delight in) : the Swedish art of savoring the moment
by Niki Brantmark

Introducing the Swedish concept of njuta, which is about simplicity and intent in every aspect of life, this empowering and engaging guide offers advice for incorporating njuta into any lifestyle, showing you how to relax and consciously seize the moment to enrich and deepen your life. Illustrations.

I survived capitalism and all I got was this lousy t-shirt : everything I wish I never had to learn about money
by Madeline Pendleton

The TikTok superstar and founder of Tunnel Vision, a progressive and employee-centric clothing company, discusses her days living paycheck to paycheck while offering no-nonsense advice on taking control of your own financial life and building wealth.

Your journey to financial freedom : a step-by-step guide to achieving wealth and happiness
by Jamila Souffrant

The founder of Journey to Launch and the host of an award-nominated podcast of the same name offers her seasoned expertise, providing readers with the resources they need for spending and saving responsibly as they embark on a journey to financial freedom and independence.

The allure of the multiverse : extra dimensions, other worlds, and parallel universes
by Paul Halpern

Drawing on centuries of disputation and deep vision from luminaries like Nietzsche, Einstein and the creators of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a physicist reveals the multiplicity of multiverses that scientists have imagined to make sense of our reality. Illustrations.

Break the cycle : a guide to healing intergenerational trauma
by Mariel Buquâe

A trauma psychologist, professor and sound bath meditation healer offers scientific research and practical exercises to help the pain of unhealed emotions and inherited trauma and transform that pain into intergenerational abundance.

Come hungry : salads, meals, and sweets for people who live to eat
by Melissa Ben-Ishay

“In Come Hungry, Melissa shares her favorite everyday recipes and tips for creating nourishing, delicious meals the whole family will love. With flavorful ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, Melissa encourages home cooks of all levels to cook outside of their comfort zones and reveals her go-to techniques for creating the perfect bite”

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