Skate Park Progress Photos

Scott Musgrove and several other workers from Who Skates of Maine were busy finishing concrete on the new skate park on Friday. Mr. Musgrove said that the concrete work should be finished in the next week and said he expected the grand opening to take place in April.

The skate park will be called the James B. Tedesco Memorial Skate Park in memory of a relative of a large donor.

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  1. April 7 at 1:00 is the dedication ceremony. Steve & Christine Tedesco and family will be in attendance. Many very generous local contributors built the base of funds that created the momentum for the skate park. Join us to thank them and the Tedesco family for taking this project to the top.

      1. Lar & I went out there today with Nate and just walked the park. Beyond Skate Park – this is a genuine work of art. Incredible skatable art! Those young builders have taken this project into their hearts to make lots of dreams come true!
        Mark, you would enjoy meeting the crew – all skaters who are now grown up and get to build what they love. After a long day creating curves and waves out of concrete it is quite natural to see them with boards in hand heading over to move a few loops in our back yard. They all plan to be here for the dedication! They need a big round of applause!

  2. But we had this conversation when Lar & I went to see the completed park. With the bikes the riders know to cover their pegs somehow to prevent damaging the smooth concrete. Roller bladers will enjoy the elements very much.
    Contact Nate [email protected] to get this “from the horse’s mouth” and in sportsman language. Also James Wood.

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