Seeing the Past With New Eyes

NPS Photo: C. Brenner Crew laying out survey grid

Fort Scott National Historic Site will be conducting a geophysical survey of the site on August 2 through 13, 2021, to better understand how the fort looked in the 1840s.


A four-person crew from the Midwest Archeological Center will look into the ground using magnetometry, resistance, conductivity, ground-penetrating radar, and magnetic susceptibility. They will be surveying the area known as the Quartermaster’s Quadrangle, the areas behind Officer’s Row, and the courtyard that once existed south of the Post Hospital. If time allows, they will also survey for other features such as latrines, wash houses, and other associated buildings. The crew is also scheduled to return next spring to survey areas that are in the restored prairie after the 2022 spring prescribed burn.


“We will be able to see exactly where fort buildings, patios, and walkways were in the 1840s” said Betty Boyko, Superintendent, Fort Scott National Historic Site. “Many of these structures have been lost over time, but through technology, we can better understand how the fort originally looked,” continued Boyko.


From April 1-October 31, Fort Scott National Historic Site, a unit of the National Park Service, will be open for its summer hours of operation.  The site exhibit areas and visitor center are open daily from 8 am-5 pm. The park grounds are open daily from a half hour before sunrise until a half hour after sunset. To find out more or become involved in activities at the Fort, please contact the park at 620-223-0310 or visit our website at



Credit Photo as: NPS Photo: C. Brenner

1st photo: Crew laying out survey grid

2nd photo: NPS survey marker flag


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