School Board Approves Contract for New Eugene Ware Principal

During the executive session of their April meeting Monday evening, the Unified School District 234 Board of Education approved a contract with Stephanie Witt, naming her the principal for Eugene Ware for the 2017-18 school year.

Formerly a middle school instructional coach, Witt will take over the principal responsibilities in July, while current principal Dave Elliott’s contract expires in June.

“We’re excited to partner with her to help in every way possible to make that a great situation for our staff and students,” Superintendent Bob Beckham said of Witt’s upcoming year with the school district.

In February, the school board voted not to extend Elliott’s contract with the district. A number of parents and other members of the district spoke on his behalf during the March meeting.

Beckham expressed his fondness for Elliott and his years with the district, but had no comment on his upcoming departure after the current school year.

Witt’s brother-in-law and school board member, Jordan Witt, abstained from voting on the employment decision Monday evening.

Beckham also announced that the bond project continues to move forward at a good pace and is scheduled to be complete by July 4.

10 thoughts on “School Board Approves Contract for New Eugene Ware Principal”

      1. Hey not a fan of Beckham. I’m a fan I love my brother don’t appreciate him being bashed on here. He has done more for this school district you have no idea!! You also need to realize he isn’t the only one making decisions they have a board helping also. And another good point.. you go do his job see how well you do!! Until then hush it!

  1. Yes, they had to do this now because Beckham is retiring in 1.5 years and wanted to make sure this happened….

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