Rachel and Christopher Pruitt Arrested by Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office

On June 03, 2020, the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office was provided information and intelligence of illegal activity at a Bourbon County residence.

Deputies applied for and was granted a search warrant for a residence and its surrounding property for illegal drug possession and possible cultivation.

This warrant was issued out of the Bourbon County District Court.

Recovered from the search warrant were several vegetation plants and several mason jars full of a green leafy substance.

The items were field tested during the search and it was confirmed that all seized property was positive for marijuana.

Additional testing will be done through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) labs.

Christopher J Pruitt (38) and Rachel M Pruitt (48) of Fort Scott, were taken into custody, processed, and charged with the following crimes: distribution of marijuana, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and child endangerment.

They are currently being held in the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center with no bond at the present time.


7 thoughts on “Rachel and Christopher Pruitt Arrested by Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office”

  1. Sounds like the city of Ft. Scott government needs to clean house.
    We dont need these people in city jobs that taxpayers pay for.

  2. The final disclaimer would best be disclosed: EVERYONE IS INNOCENT UNTILL PROVEN QUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW.

    1. Ahem. They are ‘presumed’ innocent until proven guilty, EITHER by the facts (guilt as fait accompli, or in a court of law (legal guilt). Or not.

      1. So how long does it take for a case like this to complete so it will be clear if they are guilty or not? I’m curious how that works for employment because being in jail may impede your ability to do your job.

    1. I believe that simply firing someone because they were arrested, but not yet convicted of a crime may cause problems under certain state’s employment law. I don’t know what the relevant laws would be for Kansas. Typically employers are advised that if there is a concern, they should put the employee who has been charged with a crime on unpaid leave and reinstated when they are found not guilty or terminated if they are convicted.

      The employee handbook for the city, likely has a section that addresses how these situations are to be handled and I’d assume whatever is being done is following that policy.

  3. I know for a fact he has fired people before they have went to court. Also, would not here the story about what really happened in this case. 25 years of service to the city. GONE just like that. That’s what gets me so upset. Didn’t want to hear this person’s side of the story and I’ve heard this has happened alot. So, that’s why so many are upset, They were not given a chance. Mr. Farmer at the time, was the only person of contact!!!!!!! Wow it happened to him!! Mr. Martin does not like too many people!!!! If you don’t believe in his beliefs, go to his church, in his circle of friends, ( which in my eyes can’t be too many!!!) you are done!!!

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