After-Prom Preparations

Fort Scott High School Prom is April 21, 2018.

Students of area high schools are beginning to look for that special outfit to wear to the annual spring event.

Parents also are making preparations.

Parents of junior class students are currently working to make an after-prom party for the students.

The object of the party is student safety.

“If you are a parent or a business owner, or possibly a friend of Fort Scott,” Sabrina Terry, spokesperson for the group said. “Each of us has different roles that we are trying to play in keeping the kids safe as well as have fun on prom night!”
“As parents, we put together a fun-filled evening of events that the kids can participate in, in order to have fun and stay safe,” Terry said. “Our goal is to keep our kiddos doing fun and appropriate things prom night.”

Business owners and friends of Fort Scott have donated to help with the costs of putting together the after-prom event, she said.

“If you are willing to help out please just let me know,” Terry said.

“We still need a lot of prizes that will be given out throughout the night by drawing tickets. The tickets will be given to each of the kids throughout the night by playing different games and just entering the after-prom party.”

“Right now the after-prom party is up in the air as far as where it will be held,” Terry said.” The options are Buck Run (Community Center) or Fort Scott Middle School.”

“As far as what will the juniors and seniors participate in when they go to the prom party that is also up in the air depending upon what the committee decides,” Terry said. “However we do know that there will be obstacle courses that they will race through, dodgeball, nine square, etc.”

Prizes will be handed out throughout the evening.

“We have big prizes such as TVs,” she said. “However at this point, we are short on money so we do fundraisers to build up our funds so that we can go buy prizes to keep their interest. The goal is to keep them there so that they don’t create their own parties that have negative things or outcomes.”

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