Plans For a New Bowling Alley

Julie Saker and Bill Farr are partnering together on buying the old IGA to turn it into a bowling alley–something that Fort Scott has been missing for quite a few years now. They hope to have it open by May or June. The plan is for the new facility to include 12 lanes of bowling.  It will also have a grill and arcade area.

Julie wasn’t sure if smoking would be allowed or not under Kansas state law, but there are no plans to make it a private club. They do plan to get a liquor license so beer can be served.

The project is going to be partially financed by investors. Julie said that Macy Cullison is going to help the partners look into getting some grants and they will probably finance any remaining needs with a loan.  Julie also said they are open to talking with other people who might be interested in investing in the project.

They haven’t come up with a good idea for the name yet and are looking for suggestions. If you have a good name for a bowling alley in Fort Scott, please leave it in the comments below and we’ll make sure Julie gets to see them.

17 thoughts on “Plans For a New Bowling Alley”

  1. I wish them all but success! Mr. Farr is very familiar with the operations for a successful bowling alley and hopefully this success will occur again and bring something positive to our community that can be enjoyed by all patrons in Fort Scott and plus surrounding communities.

  2. After I read the article, I got bored and decided to try to come up with a few names. I think there’s a few good one’s on my list.

    American Lanes
    All Star Lanes
    Crawford Lanes or Crawford St. Lanes
    Freedom Lanes
    Hard Luck Lanes
    In The Zone Bowling Center
    In The Zone Fun Center or Family Fun Center
    Jayhawk Lanes
    Liberty Lanes
    Lucky Strike Lanes
    Memory Lanes
    Memory Lanes Bowl or Fun Center or Family Fun Center
    Midwest Bowl
    Old Fort Lanes
    Pinnacle Bowl
    Pinnacle Lanes
    Pin Striker Lanes
    Prairie Lanes
    Prairie Freedom Lanes
    Rock Chalk Lanes
    Striker Lanes
    Strike Out Lanes
    Strike King Lanes
    Super Bowl
    Super Bowl Fun Center or Family Fun Center
    The Alley
    The Alley Fun Zone
    Thunder Bowl
    Town & Country Bowl
    Town & Country Fun Center or Family Fun Center
    Town & Country Lanes

  3. I believe if they stay with Fort Scott Lanes for the name and still have tournaments like before, i think they will have several out of town people putting the names together and spreading the word, and could have a very successfull tournament seson like before when Bill Farr owned the alley, Tournaments bring a lot of money to the buisness that would defintly benefit the alley and town to ensure success for a new Bowling alley.

  4. I hope that this all comes together. I was reading it to my husband, who is from KS, and he mentioned that he thought there might be a problem getting a liquor license since it is close to a church. I believe the statute (41-710) says “200 feet” and I don’t know if this applies or not but it might be worth looking into to make sure.

    1. The statute says: Statute 41-710: Location of retail store, microbrewery or farm winery; restrictions. (a) No retailer’s license shall be issued for premises unless such premises comply with all applicable zoning regulations.
      (b) No microbrewery license or farm winery license shall be issued for premises which are zoned for any purpose except agricultural, commercial or business purposes.

      (c) No retailer’s, microbrewery or farm winery license shall be issued for premises which:

      (1) Are located within 200 feet of any public or parochial school or college or church, except that if any such school, college or church is established within 200 feet of any licensed premises after the premises have been licensed, the premises shall be an eligible location for retail licensing; or

      (2) do not conform to all applicable building regulations.

      Retail Store=Liquor Store, not a bowling alley.

      1. When discussing the license, when it involves whatever the malt beverage name they use, it says that it is left up to the city or county. I went through the codes but did not see anything. If a liquor license is granted near the school or church, that would set a precedence, I believe, that would allow it to be done in other locations around town. I had noticed that both of the IGA stores were located by church/school and neither appear to have sold beer. I do not know if it was always that way or not. It is usually a good idea to check these things out early on.

  5. The only problem the old alley had was it was open during school and closed for summer vacation and I think that’s when the kids raised hell… I think it will be a great success if open all year around… FORT SCOTT LANES is where its at…

  6. I agree Fort Scott Lanes is were its all at, and i really doubt the whole liquer license thing is on there mind, i think if anything maybe beer only on designated nights for league bowlers

  7. If you stay with the old name from the other facility, some may not realize that it is not the same facility which might be a negative since the comments that I have heard about the old one in its final years were not good. I think having “Fort Scott” in the title might be good though to get out of town people thinking they might be missing something?

  8. Well if they are going to go with the whole smoke filled environment, they might as well keep the same name so people don’t accidentally assume it is any different than the old place.

  9. Fusion Bowling would be happy to help with sales and installation of any needed bowling equipment. We specialize in small bowling centers like this one. Download the free pre-construction guide from our Resources section, or browse through our large photo gallery for inspiration. Good luck on this project Fort Scott, and happy bowling!

  10. Any one know if their going with amf. Or brunswick lanes I use to work on both. Looking to get back in to workin on them

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