No Matter What the Cost by Patty LaRoche

Patty LaRoche

Last week, we left off with me threatening to do bodily harm to my husband. Admittedly, this was not a godly move, but the thought crossed my mind after he, not the first time, caused trouble for us at the Mexican border when he forgot to bring the original car title to allow us to enter that country. Now we would have to drive back to Kansas to locate the document.

We were an hour north when I had a thought: we could call our daughter-in-law, Jenn, have her open our safe, find the car title and over-night it to us at some…soon-to-be-named, San Antonio hotel. Hubby also had a thought. Perhaps the title was hidden in the briefcase located on the back seat floor, the briefcase he had already checked but failed to look in his secret hiding spot. I drove for a moment in silence, desperately trying to conjure up a lovely thought.

I mean, Philippians 4:8 sounds so easy…until you are asked to apply it. “Is that your way of asking me to exit so you can re-check your briefcase?” “Probably can’t hurt.” Ten minutes later, we were back on the road, luckless in finding the title in Dave’s little hideaway.

It was 10:15 A.M., a Saturday morning. Jenn had asked her dad to do the safe-duty at our house, but when we realized the post office closed in 15 minutes, we knew there was no way this would work. It was then that Adam called. “Sit tight,” he said, “I might have a plan.” “Does ‘sit tight’ mean to keep driving toward Kansas, but slower than the Nascar-rate I now am using, or does it mean ‘visit the Alamo and stay put’?” I asked.

Adam explained that he had several soldiers at his ranch, they were leaving the next day, and one was driving through San Antonio; perhaps he could bring the title with him. We could just find a hotel and hang out instead of making the long drive home, only to turn around and head back to the border. Which is where we are at this writing.

Yesterday evening, we stopped at a local pizza restaurant near our hotel. Its front door boasted a scribbled sign: “We are short-handed. Please be kind to our employees who took the time to show up.” This was right up my alley, since my 2022 goal was to follow the Philippians verse and “think lovely thoughts.” I ordered their $5.00 pepperoni special but asked if black olives could be added. “Also, may I have some parmesan packets?” “No problem,” said the sweet young gal behind the register.

“That will be $10.19.” “Black olives cost $5.00?” I asked. “No. It’s the extra cheese you ordered.” “Oh, I don’t want extra cheese, just the Parmesan packets.” “Oh dear, I am so, so sorry. My mistake. So sorry.” “It’s no big deal.” “Okay, you owe me $9.19.”

I handed her a $20. She gave me $1, plus change. “Um,” I began, “I gave you a $20.” “Oh dear, I am so, so sorry. My mistake. So sorry.” (This was becoming a pattern.) “It’s no big deal,” I repeated. “Well, yea, it sort of is. I closed the register. That’s a problem.” Think lovely thoughts. Think lovely thoughts. Think lovely thoughts.

We have choices every day to dwell on positives and not negatives. God wants us focused on what is going right in our lives, not on things about which we can complain. Nowadays, people feel hopeless, and any time we can spread a little joy, a little positivity, we can model for them how to do the same. No matter what the cost.

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