Nicki Traul: New Assistant Superintendent at USD 234

Nicki Traul is the new assistant superintendent at USD 234.

The former director of curriculum and instruction has taken on new duties in the Fort Scott School District.

Nicki Traul is now the assistant superintendent at USD 234.

“Mrs. Traul will continue to lead in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment,” Superintendent Ted Hessong said.  “She will also continue to oversee the preschool with the assistance of a lead teacher at the preschool. She will now be the lead for our special education department as well as the go-to person for the elementary principals, because of her elementary background.”

When Hessong came to the superintendency this year, he saw that Traul was doing the duties of an assistant superintendent.

“In my review of the district to prepare myself for my transition to USD 234,” he said.  “I decided Mrs. Traul was doing the duties of an assistant superintendent and we needed to designate her with this title to put in her a true role as an administrator for the district.”

“I am excited about the new opportunity and am looking forward to working with Mr. Hessong,” Traul said.

USD 234 enrollment finalization is this week, Hessong said.

 “There was an issue with our online enrollment system,” Hessong said. ” It is my understanding the system became overwhelmed because several of the districts across the country who use this online enrollment system were enrolling on the same day.”

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