New Winfield Scott First-Grade Teacher: Alexandra VanSickle

Alexandra VanSickle. Submitted photo.
Alexandra VanSickle, 29, is a new first-grade teacher at Winfield Scott Elementary School.
She received her education from Murray State University and Kansas State University and has previously taught fourth-grade.
VanSickle’s hometown is Murray, Kentucky.
“My husband, Carson Hunter, is the head football coach at Fort Scott Community College, that is what brought us to the area. We have four children: Liam, Izzy, Naomi, and Macy. We have just moved to the area in June. Previously, I was very involved in my church and local outreaches, I hope to establish the same relationships and opportunities to serve here in Fort Scott as I become more familiar with the area.”
Alexandra VanSickle and her husband Carson Hunter. Submitted photo.
How did you become an educator?
“I worked as a paralegal originally, and decided that wasn’t for me. After doing some volunteer work with young children, I realized my passion for helping students learn and succeed. I began working for the school district and went back to school as a non-traditional student.”
Is there someone who inspired you to teach?
“No one particular person, I have met a lot of incredible and inspiring teachers in my lifetime. I think my husband really encouraged and supported my dream to become a teacher though.”
What is the best part of teaching for you?
“The best part of teaching for me is the relationships you build with the students, their families, and the amazing educators you get to work with.”
What are the greatest challenges?
“The greatest challenges would also be building those relationships, since I’m not from this area I think it will be a little more difficult to build relationships with students and get to know their families and background so I can better serve them. While the most challenging, I believe it to be one of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher.”

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