New Uniontown Teachers: Ericson and Martin

This is a part of a series of new teachers in Uniontown’s School District.
The district’s open house is August 15 from 4 to 6 p.m.
The first day of class for students is August 16.
Tyler Ericson. Submitted photo.

Tyler Ericson will teach 4th grade at West Bourbon Elementary, in Uniontown starting this school year.

The thing I love about teaching is…relationships with each of my students,” she said. “How they can come to me about anything, and they will not be judged… whether it be in or outside of school. I love seeing children learn, but most importantly having fun and being engaged while doing it.”

A challenge for me would be change,” she said. “…starting over from a whole new school district, a new grade, and new colleagues can be overwhelming. Teaching primary and now about to teach 4th grade, it will definitely be different, but in a good way. I am excited to see what West Bourbon has in store for me!”

She  said she looks forward to taking part in school community activities that plan to make community members feel welcomed, respected, trusted, heard, and needed, to help promote student success.

Ericson hales from a big family in Kansas City and Oklahoma, she said.  In addition, she and husband, Ethan, have two sons, Julian and Jamison, and one daughter Journee.

Ericson earned her A.A in Elementary Education,  at Labette Community College and a B.S. in Elementary  Education from Pittsburg State University.

She taught second grade at Winfield Scott Elementary last school year; first grade at Winfield Scott from February 2022 to May 2022; and was a special education paraprofessional at Uniontown High School from January 2018 to May 2019.

She was substitute teacher certified by the Kansas Department of Education from August 2019 to May 2020.

Ericson worked in Early Childhood Centers in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area from the age of 15 to 24.

Christal Martin. Submitted photo.
Christal Martin will teach high school science in grades 10-12.
She received a bachelors in science degree with an emphasis in nursing in 2008 from Pittsburg State University, and is currently finishing a master’s degree in secondary education from Western Governor’s University.
She has worked as a Uniontown Junior High At-Risk Aide for the past three years.

For Martin,  the best thing about working with children is “Building connections with students, and watching them academically succeed,” she said.

A challenge this year will be learning to navigate through everything as a new teacher, she said.

She is married to husband, Seth, and  they have two sons, Caden and Casen.

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