New U234 Educators: Ashley Wilcox and Margaret Marino

This is part of a series of new educators in the Fort Scott School District.
Ashley Wilcox, 26, is the new Technology Teacher at Winfield Scott Elementary School.
She has taught for four years in a 4th-grade classroom.
Bachelors in Elementary Education and Masters in Educational Technology
Leavenworth, KS
“Two  cats that I treat like my kids.”
Hobbies/community involvement:
“Reading, Drawing, soccer. I hope to join the local soccer scene to join in more community involvement!”
Why did you become an educator?
“The light in their eyes when they realize they can do anything they set their minds to is my why.”
Did someone inspire you?
“My fourth grade teacher, in Lansing, Mrs. Munsterman.”
What is the best part of teaching for you?
“My favorite thing about working with kids is when they say they can’t do something and then they wind up doing that exact task.”
What are the greatest challenges?
“Being in a new school and district will be challenging but the results will be incredible. There will always be challenges but overcoming starts by getting at the kid’s level and listening. From there both the kids and I can do GREAT things!”

 Margaret Marino, 38, is a  new 2nd-grade special education teacher at Winfield Scott Elementary School.


She has five years of experience as a paraprofessional and two years teaching in the Leavenworth School District.


She received her education, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, from Fort Hays State University. Her hometown is Pittsburg.



“I have been married to my husband for 14 years. My parents recently moved back to Fort Scott and I am excited to move close to them.  I am one of seven children.  I have siblings in Branson, Overland Park, Shawnee, and Topeka.  I have 15 nieces and nephews that keep me on my toes and make holidays memorable.”


Hobbies/community involvement:

“I love to read!  There is nothing better than reading a good book with a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day.  I like to quilt and crochet.  Creating something beautiful is a wonderful feeling.  I am excited to start gardening.  My new home has beautiful plants and I am excited to learn something new.”

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