New Ladies Golf League Is Starting May 18

In 2021, Fort Scott newcomer Diane Striler brought up the topic of starting a ladies golf league with  Lindsay Madison, the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.
A few weeks ago the idea moved forward with local interest shown.
It was then that Fort Scott Parks Director Doug Guns approached Madison about starting a league,  saying that recently several woman had inquired about a women’s league.
Woodland Hills Golf Course is owned by the City of Fort Scott.
“Lindsay introduced me to Doug and I started planning, ” Striler said.
 She will be coordinating a new ladies golf league in Fort Scott.
“The League will be called the Par Tee Girls,” she said.  “Our sign up will be May 18th at Woodland Hills Golf Course at 5:30 p.m.
That night we will pay our $40 league fee, take a picture for our website, get paired up with a partner (if you don’t already have someone to join with) and meet the other women of the league.”
The league will begin  on May 25 and play each Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. through August 10.
“On the last night, we will have our banquet with a best ball scramble, a catered dinner and a lot of fun! ” Stiler said.
“My main goal for coordinating the league is to bring together women off all ages and skill levels to play a great game,” she said. “I have told many women over the years that if you would like to play golf, you need to set the time aside to play on a regular basis so you have a chance to improve your game. The league is very casual, and a great opportunity to learn. Our only opponents are really ourselves.”
There is an opportunity to join a competitive group for those interested in challenging themselves more, she added.
“The nice aspect of the league is that women of all skill levels can play together,” she said. “I only ask that you play ready golf to keep the pace going.”
Striler is coordinating some lessons for those women that are learning or who would like to brush up on their game.
To contact Striler, phone 248-568-7790
“Joining a women’s league is a great opportunity to meet a lot great women, develop your game and friendships, and have a lot of fun in the meantime,” she said.  “I hope the women of Fort Scott and surrounding areas will join us!”
Striler coordinated a similar ladies league in the Kansas City area for 18 years, starting the league when her youngest daughter was 4 years old.  She started it looking for an excuse to meet with friends on a regular basis.


Here are the Par Tee Girls Information and Rules, provided by Striler:

“*Everyone has a partner.

*We will play from the red tees.

*Please play ready golf – hit when you can if another golfer is not ready.

*Take only 6 strokes before green.  If you are not on the green by the 6th shot,                                                

(5th on par 3s) pick up your ball and move to the green so you can count your putts.

*We will have one game each night.  The winner receives half the putt money.  The rest

will go toward the banquet.

*Turn in one scorecard with all 4 players on it. (I do not record everyone’s weekly score,

so if you want to keep track, you can fill out an extra card to keep)

*When scoring, write down your total score for the hole, and then the number of putts you have for the hole. 

Do the same for your total score

This way you can calculate what you need to add to the kitty.

*If you hit a ball out of bounds or into the water, drop a ball near where it went out, and take a one stroke penalty.

*Free lift – If your ball lands on a man-made pathway, sprinkler, etc., bring the ball out two club lengths back away from the hole.

*Keep up with the pace of play.  You should be able to complete a hole in less than 15 minutes. That way the tee times don’t get backed up.

*Most of all, relax, play with new people and have fun !!!”

About Striler

Diane Striler. Submitted photo.
Diane Colgan Striler is a realtor for Front Door Realty in Fort Scott.

She grew up in the Kansas City area and discovered Fort Scott around eight years ago when husband, Dean, and she were looking for a lake house. Friends had recently purchased a home at Lake Fort Scott and suggested that they come look.

The community has been very welcoming, she said, and the couple “fell in love with Fort Scott.”

Striler’s original plan was to fix up some houses and sell them because of a need for housing in the community. She enjoys working with  hand tools,  has a background in sales and a marketing degree.

She decided to get a real estate license.

After visiting with Jared Leek, owner of Front Door Realty, things fell into place.

“I started working as a realtor with Front Door Real Estate and we (she and Dean) purchased the Ren-nett Studio Building at 6 N. Main,” she said. She now has a Kansas and Missouri license.

She works to get unoccupied homes back on the market, she said.

“It ends up being a win win situation for everyone: back taxes get paid, the past owner is relieved of the burden and a new person finds a home,” she said.






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