New Farmers Market at Uniontown

Extra cars on the east side of Union Station let passers-by know of the farmer’s market on May 19.

On Thursday evenings at Union Station Convenience Store near Uniontown, you might notice more cars than usual.

A farmers market started May 5 there, just west of Uniontown on Hwy. 3. It meets every Thursday from 4-8 p.m. but may expand a day in the future if the community responds.

Vendors set up for customers at the farmers market near Uniontown.

“Union Station is allowing vendors to set up on the east side of the convenience store parking lot, in the trees,” Schotze Griffiths, store manager said.

Currently, there are four vendors who have set up, but “I have more people coming when their garden starts to produce,” Griffiths said. “This is an opportunity to buy fresh food locally.”

There is no cost to the vendor, and anyone that would like to set up a table, may.

“It’s a work in progress,” she said. “So don’t give up on us. If it is real hot in the summer it might get sparse, but it will be here as long as people want to come. There might be less vendors this week because of prior commitments.”

Saturday mornings are a possibility in the future she said.

“Especially when we have rodeos that come,” Griffiths said.

Union Station is directly across the street from the Uniontown Rodeo Grounds on Hwy. 3.

Current Vendors

The four vendors currently coming are MMM Flavor Shop, Prairie Rose Farmstead, 9 Acre Farm and Mama Mary.

Addi Foster tells of her wares to a customer on May 19.

MMM Flavor Shop is owned by Addi Foster and her sister, Emelia Whiteaker, who are selling spices. Addi’s daughter, Mayla also has crafts, eggs, peacock feathers and poultry grown on the family farm to sell. The mother-daughter duo are part of Foster Dairy, from the Hiattville area. Contact info is 620.224.8442 or 620.224.9411.


Dale and Lisa Griffiths set up a vendor booth for their wares on May 19.

9 Acre Farm is owned by Dale and Lisa Griffiths, Bronson, and sells fresh eggs, pickled items and candles at their booth. They will bring produce later as it starts producing on their farm. Interested parties can watch them on YouTube. For more information contact them at 620.215.3101.


Jessi Hall displays her wares with a customer on May 19.

Prairie Rose Farmstead is owned by Sage and Jessi Hall, Uniontown.They offer goat milk products including soap, lotion, salve and lip balm. In addition they sell raw milk, pastured poultry and grass fed beef. Contact them at 316.821.0309 or [email protected].


Mary Ridge sells homemade food items at her booth, Mama Mary.

Mama Mary, Mary Ridge of the Zenia area, sells pies, take and bake meals and canned goods. Her homemade food items are also sold at the Bronson Locker in Bronson. Her contact info: 620.939.4977.






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