New Concept to Provide Staff for Local Businesses: MyShift

Myshift. Submitted grapic.
Cole Bowman, 37, Fort Scott, and Scott Morris, 47, Parsons, have launched a new computer application called MyShift in the Apple Appstore.
 Since the beginning of the  COVID-19 Pandemic, businesses have been struggling to fill staff vacancies and operate at their full capacity because of illness, quarantine and other measures taken during the pandemic.
Nine months ago, Bowman began to think of a way to help this situation.
“I came up with the idea on May 24, 2021 while waiting for one of my sales reps at a hotel in Tulsa to go have dinner,” Bowman said.  “He was late, so I was looking through the food delivery apps and overheard a hotel worker talking to a customer about how none of the employees they had before the shutdown would come back to work, or had found other jobs, and she must have been the first person on their list that was willing to come back to work for the pay they were offering.”
Bowman said he thought to himself that surely there is an app for that.
“A situation where businesses could look through available workers that they could bring them in to cover a shift, but there wasn’t,” he said.
Bowman enlisted help from Scott Morris.
“I talked to Scott about the idea for the app and he liked it,” he said.  “We searched and searched for something that worked like our app and never found anything, so we began our path of figuring out how to build an app in late June.  Finally, our app is complete and went live in the Google PlayStore and iOS Appstore this last week,” Bowman said.
New Ways To Work
“Businesses were unable to operate at full capacity after reopening from the pandemic, and people have evolved to find new ways to work without the traditional employment requiring them to commit to a schedule,” Bowman said.
MyShift is starting in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas, then within the next few weeks expanding to four more states.
Their plan then is to release nationwide by October 1, 2022, Bowman said.
“This is a web/ mobile app-based platform for businesses to connect with workers to fill shifts on-demand with the transaction being as simple as using a ride-share app,” Bowman said.
How It Works
MyShift allows businesses and workers to connect anywhere, anytime, to fill shifts and have the entire payment transaction handled through the app, according to a press release.
 Businesses can list open shifts including details about when, where, description of work, and the amount they will pay for the shift.
“Shifters” will then be able to see the open shifts in their area and can select which one they would like to work.
MyShift. Submitted graphic.
After a Shifter has requested the posted shift, the business is able to review the applied Shifter’s ratings in their profiles and click on the one they would like to work their shift.  Then the Shifter shows up to the business at the agreed-upon time and works the shift; upon completion of the shift, the business will then rate the Shifter between 1-5 stars and confirm the payment triggering Myshift to deposit the payment in the Shifter’s account.
  Myshift is free for everyone to download, and the business will only pay a fee once they agree to accept the Shifter to work a shift they have posted.
 There are no fees to the Shifters, and there are no commitments beyond the shifts they choose to work.
 For the business, it allows them to find help on-demand to fill shifts hassle-free.
 Business owners will now have a pool of vetted professionals ready to fill their shifts, all without the hassle of recruiting and onboarding, according to the press release.
Shifters have the freedom to work as often as they’d like and get paid each time they complete a shift, allowing the flexibility to earn money without the commitment of traditional employment.
The first target markets for MyShift will be Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma & Texas for the initial startup.
Cole Bowman. Submitted photo.

About the Creators

Bowman is a 2003  Fort Scott High School Graduate and 2007, Pittsburg State University Graduate with a  Bachelor in Plastics Engineering.

He has 15 years of professional experience in plastics engineering and is currently the regional sales manager for Sepro Group, a robotics and automation manufacturer based in France.

He and his wife, Wendy Bowman, have four kids Luke, Lily, Nora, and Gage. His parents are John and Cindy Bowman, who own the NuGrille Restaurant.

His contact info: Phone 620-215-5250, Email [email protected]

Scott Morris. Submitted photo.
Scott Morris is a 1993 Labette County High School graduate and earned a BBA in accounting for Pittsburg State University in 2002 and an MBA in 2009 from Friends University.
He has 20 years of experience in plastics manufacturing as vice president and chief financial officer of Charloma, Inc.
His wife, Jeanna Morris, and he have four children: Grant, Hallie, Mason, and Brady.
In his community Morris coaches multiple youth sports, he said.
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