Mercy Transitions to Community Health Center This Friday, Feb. 1

The new Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas sign is scheduled to be installed on Friday, Feb. 1, 2109, the day the health care in Fort Scott transitions from Mercy Hospital to CHC/SEK, according to Krista Postai,  CHS/SEK President and  Chief Executive Officer.

“The hours of operation will remain the same with the exception the main clinic will now be open until 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday – which is an hour longer than before – Friday it will close at 5 p.m. as in the past,” Postai said.

CHC/SEK is only using the (hospital) clinic space, she said.

“For the most part, everyone is in the space they used previously….doctors all kept the same offices,” Postai said.

The Fort Scott CHC/SEK health care providers are Dr. Burke, Dr. Seals, APRN Amanda Stice, Dr. Self, APRN Kristine O’Dell, APRN Pam Moyers, Dr. Gugnani and APRN Mary Beth Newkirk.  O’Dell is working in Convenient Care; the others are at 401 Woodland Hills Blvd., at the main clinic in Fort Scott. Not pictured are APRN Bobbi Jo Thornton and APRN Emily Bolinger who will be working at Convenient Care. Submitted photo.

” At some point, we will do an open house and invite the community in,” she said. “But at this point, our priority is to get everyone transitioned over as smoothly as possible. That includes everyone learning a new medical record (system) and getting almost 10,000 records entered into that new medical record (system) which is a mammoth task.”

Each of 17 CHC/SEK clinics has a practice manager to provide daily support and oversight of operations, Postai said.

Amy Budy is the Fort Scott CHC/SEK Practice Manager.

“There may be support staff that works for administration (e.g. medical records) who will office in Ft. Scott, or work from home, because they live there and it saves travel,” she said.

“Leadership will be there often, as needed, but we’re confident that this clinic will run as smoothly as our others with the support of our practice manager,” Postai said.

“All of CHC/SEK Leadership is composed of only six people…who have spent hundreds of hours in Fort Scott – along with at least 30 of our great staff – putting the pieces together to make this (transition) work,” she said. “We expect to put in hundreds of  hours more before everything is completely settled and functional.”

The administration is comprised of  Postai, Senior Vice President Jason Wesco, Chief Financial Officer Douglas Stuckey, Chief Clinical Officer Linda Bean, Vice President/Human Resources Megan Fry and General Counsel Daniel Creitz who work out of the  CHS/SEK System Office at 3015 N. Michigan, according to a prior interview.

Other management staff includes a Director of School Health, Director of Operations, Pharmacy Director, Dental Director, Director of Behavioral Health, IT Director, Billing Director, and others who provide support for all of clinics and staff, according to the prior interview.

They are located at various sites throughout the area and travel from clinic to clinic to oversee programs.


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