Map Of Properties In Tax ForeClosure Sale

The map below shows properties that are on the list for the Bourbon County Tax Sale. Properties are being redeemed by their owners so some of the properties on the list may have already been redeemed. The Bourbon County website has a list that is more up-to-date. Also it is possible that some of the properties didn’t get geo-encoded correctly so they may not show up as expected. The locations are probably close, but not all of the mapping information is accurate so it probably wouldn’t be wise to use this map as a basis for bidding or not bidding on a piece of property.

There area lot of properties to show, so you may need to zoom in to view the details. Clicking on a red marker will give you the address of the property and give you a link to see just that property on a map.

If you are reading this in an email, you may want to click on the link for “View Larger Map” to see the details or visit FortScott.Biz directly.

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5 thoughts on “Map Of Properties In Tax ForeClosure Sale”

  1. Is there any information about when the Tax sale takes place? Would the tax sale be a good place to buy a first-time home? How much do these properties usually go for?

    1. The tax sale is supposed to be in January or February. I don’t believe a date has been set. The problem with the tax sale is that you may not be able to fully inspect the home until after you buy it. Also you need to have the funds to pay for it at the sale, so you can’t go out and get a mortgage after you bid.

      It might be a place to buy property for someone who enjoys fixing up a house with some real estate knowledge, but there are definitely some pitfalls to watch out for.

    2. Excellent job on the map. I was always surprised that the county would never identify the locations on a map to help bring in more prospective buyers.

      In response the first post. Most of the homes/buildings are in poor condition and need quite a bit of work….its one of the main reasons owners don’t want to pay taxes on them. The taxes owed can be more than the buildings is worth or the cost to fix it.

      The buyers is essentially buying the property without ever going inside it or having any kind of inspections done. Everything is “as-is” condition so its a risky purchase. Final price on property can be extremely low for this reason. It all depends on how many people are bidding and who wants the property the most.

      1. In the defense of the county, setting up a map like this is a bit difficult. I was able to do it a slightly easier way just by processing the data, but it may not be completely accurate because it relies on a bunch of calls to public databases.

        But I’m glad to know you like the map.

  2. I came across a couple of questions: 1. I found that 1020 232nd has two owners on the property address with different lot/plot or something and wonder if maybe someone more familiar with the county understands that. 2. On the property at 00000 4th Street as listed on the sale list, could that be 1022 W. 4th Street because it looks like that property is many years behind. I am also confused about the Parsons Development not making the list since back taxes date back to 2004 and if bankruptcy is involved I wonder how long these buildings will continue like this. I still believe that the redemption period is only for 3 years and ended 1 September per the statute and if that is correct, there should be many more that would need to be added since I noticed most paid 2006 and 2007 ONLY which pretty much assures another hassle next year. On the tax sale date, I still believe or at least I would hope that will be delayed until the KBI/AG report comes back and……………………

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