Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen

Peter Earles, Earles Engineering, left, and Kevin “Skitch”Allen, right in this photo from 2021. Earles has a contract with the City of Fort Scott for engineering and inspection services. He is also¬† Pittsburg’s City Engineer. Submitted photo and caption by Pete Allen.
Two years ago Earles was chosen by the commission that night to lead us through the infrastructure mess left by previous administrations.
Engineers are employed for their expertise and work ethic and dedication to their clients.
Earles has stepped up to the plate and given us all we could have asked for.
We now have storm sewer work going on, funds being used for their intended use, proper inspection of projects, grants for streets (and as city attorney recently remarked “we even have a brick crew”) and our sanitary sewer plant ready for re-build. With Earles, we have the answer to the ADM issue with billings that have increased tenfold.
The piece of the puzzle, previously missing, is now in place with Earles Engineering. Are they expensive? The answer is NO! I would estimate for every dollar spent with them; we have benefited fourfold or more.

Thanks Peter and Jason and the rest of the Earles organization. Keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen”

  1. Pete, thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is good to hear some good news out of city government.

  2. Pete thanks for reporting the importance of having a City Engineer. It has been a blessing to have them on board and to be able to utilize their expertise.

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