Letter To Editor: Kevin Jones VS Caryn Tyson

Dear Editor,

Disappointing.  My State Representative Kevin Jones printed misleading and false information in his recent mailer. It is disappointing Jones would allow his campaign staff to sink to this level. Mr. Jones is one of Caryn Tyson’s opponents in a primary race to replace retiring Kansas 2nd District U.S. Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins.

In his mailer Kevin Jones stated, Caryn Tyson “supports import of foreign labor to compete with Kansans for jobs.”  Really?  Caryn said she would support Trump in fixing our immigration laws.  How could Jones twist her statement into this inaccurate and misleading statement in his mailer.

Next he prints, “Tax Chair, recommended passage of the largest tax hike in KS history.” Jones knows Caryn Tyson spoke against the bill and voted ‘no’ on the tax increase. Our representative either doesn’t understand the conference committee process as defined by statute or is lying about it.  He knows Tyson did not vote for that or any tax increase.  How could he print this when he voted for the 2nd largest tax increase ever in Kansas.

And third Jones wrote that Caryn, “voted against government efficiency reforms.”  Not true, anyone one who knows Caryn Tyson knows that she has always worked for a smaller and more efficient government.

Caryn Tyson is an effective legislator who gets things done.  She has cut wasteful spending, cut taxes, and fights to protect our Constitution.  Let’s not listen to lies.  Let’s send Caryn Tyson to Washington to help make America great again.

Robert Tyson

Parker, KS


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