Lee’s Paws and Claws Animal Shelter

Most of us would call any organization that betters the community a good investment, but Lee’s Paws and Claws Animal Shelter (located at 721 240th Street in Fort Scott) goes above and beyond in that respect. The shelter, opened in July 2012, has rescued a large amount of animals since it opened. According to Interim Director Ann Gillmore-Hoffman, the shelter has taken in 109 dogs and 85 cats, while it has adopted out 73 dogs and 46 cats. The shelter has also returned 6 animals to their owners and transferred 27 animals to other no-kill shelters.

Open Every Day 10:00 AM-2:00 PM


As visitors enter the shelter, they are greeted with a very clean, bright atmosphere and plenty of well-cared-for animals. The dogs have neatly designed runs that offer indoor/outdoor access as the animal chooses, while the cats have what all cats love–carpeted structures to climb and soft beds on which to take frequent catnaps.

According to Gillmore-Hoffman, the shelter plays an important part in the community in that it provides “a safe, healthy environment for stray or unwanted animals.” The community has gotten involved in several ways in the past year. Students from Fort Scott High School FFA along with other organizations raised $1,000 for the shelter, while kindergarten classes brought food and small monetary donations to the shelter at Christmastime. In addition, the FSCC softball team members take turns volunteering to walk dogs for the shelter. Gillmore-Hoffman mentions, “There is a lot of community involvement already, but we need a few checkbooks[to be involved]!” She says that fundraisers are essential to keeping the shelter running, and that having regular volunteers helps as well.

One big event coming up for the shelter is the “Strut Your Mutt” at Good O’l Days to be held Friday May 31st at 7:00PM. This event is an important fundraiser for the shelter, so get out there and show off your canine friends! In addition, the shelter will have a booth at Good O’l Days and will also be host on June 18th to Pawprints On the Heartland, an organization that offers low cost spay and neutering.

To get involved financially or by providing volunteer time, please contact the shelter at (620)-223-2888 or send them a check at PO Box  343, Fort Scott, Kansas 66701.

P.S. As an added bonus, you just might get a chance to hold a lap full of soft, purring kittens or cuddle with a friendly dog.

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  1. I’m still looking for a small dog, young, (if @ all possible, but
    25 lbs. @ full grown. I do notwant a dog for breeding purposes @ all. I am definitely a dog lover, just a companion, and I will give this dog a good home. She will strictly be kept in the house, and
    fed well. I will be her “mama” she will be my daughter, like my

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