Lake Fort Scott

You may only have a couple of weekend left of good camping weather! Of course, living in Kansas, you may have a couple months of good camping weather left.

Fort Scott and the surrounding area have numerous camping options, one overlooked space is Lake Fort Scott. Lake Fort Scott may not be the best camping area, but there is a great expanse for free day use activities. Fishing and picnicking would most likely be on the top of the list.

Lake Fort Scott has a surface area of 360 acres and is owned and maintained by the City of Fort Scott. It’s located about 2 miles South and 3 miles West of Fort Scott. As you are heading West on Indian Road, there are two entrances. The second entrance will give you access to the majority of the public areas. Much of the lake’s shoreline is developed for housing, but there are plenty of areas to drop a line in.

Lake Fort Scott is mostly known for it’s fishing, especially large flathead and channel catfish. Lake Fort Scott participate in the Community Fisheries Assistance Program. You can learn more about the program by clicking here. What it really means for you is great fishing and no local/city fishing permits. Although you still need a state fishing license.

The day use areas are found on the NorthWest side of the lake. This is also where primitive camping is available for $5 self pay, per night. The view is nice, but don’t expect much anything else at these very primitive sites.

Overall, it’s certainly worth the day trip to visit Lake Fort Scott which is within about 20 minutes of anyone in town!

City of Fort Scott: 620.223.0550

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