Kansas Eco Devo Acceleration Efforts

Governor Laura Kelly and Department of Commerce Launch New Kansas Certified Sites Program


TOPEKA—Governor Laura Kelly today announced the Department of Commerce’s launch of the new Kansas Certified Sites program, a critical tool that will help accelerate economic development efforts throughout the state.


The new program will let developers know when the state has deemed a potential site ideal for investment and development. Kansas Certified Site designations are appealing to investors and site selectors because the certification:

  • provides important background information on a site’s availability, utilities, site access, environmental records and site development costs;
  • encourages faster site selection decisions; and
  • can help undeveloped “greenfield,” or expansion projects get started.


“The Kansas Certified Sites program will be a helpful tool in recruiting and expanding businesses, as we continue growing our state’s economy and working to safely keep Kansas open for business,” Governor Laura Kelly said.


“Businesses need certainty and predictability when they’re making investment decisions, and that’s exactly what the Kansas Certified Site designation provides,” Secretary of Commerce David Toland said. “Once certified, contractors looking to build and companies looking for a location know that a site is shovel ready. That’s a huge advantage for businesses and communities in this highly competitive marketplace.”


The Kansas Certified Site designation is valid for three years, unless the property is sold or leased within that time. To obtain the designation, communities must undergo a stringent review process that demonstrates they have addressed a defined set of prerequisites, including:


  • Ownership information
  • Property information
  • Environmental and cultural information
  • Access information
  • Community information


Successful recipients of the Kansas Certified Site designation receive many benefits, including marketing and investment attraction support. The Kansas Certified Site program will be incorporated into a variety of marketing campaigns and strategies that attract investors, which may also include:


  • A profile on the Kansas Department of Commerce website
  • Visibility on Kansas Department of Commerce social media channels


In addition, the Department of Commerce has entered into a contract with LocationOne, a respected sites and buildings database service, which will allow all communities in Kansas to post their sites and buildings to a national website to be viewed by developers across the U.S.


Communities are encouraged to certify available sites, as this will ensure the sites’ inclusion in Commerce Business Recruitment responses to prospective client RFPs. Certification of a site will ensure that it is seen by national and international businesses and developers.

Applications for the Kansas Certified Sites program are accepted year-round. To learn more about the program, visit www.kansascommerce.gov/certifiedsites. To express interest in the program, or for more information, please contact:


Program Manager

Susan NeuPoth Cadoret

[email protected]


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