Jayhawk Wind Project in Final Development Stage

Standing at the bottom of a wind turbine looking up at the clear Kansas sky.


Jayhawk Wind, the wind energy project in Bourbon County, is in the final stages of development, according to Apex Clean Energy Inc., the developer and owner.


“As contemplated, Apex will need to secure a project sponsor to build Jayhawk Wind, and we believe the project is very well-positioned to do so,” Apex Public Engagement Manager Patrick Chilton said ” We are currently progressing discussions with a potential project sponsor, and we know that Jayhawk Wind is a strong project with proven positive attributes for investors. Apex Clean Energy has a long track record of successfully commercializing its projects, and we look forward to adding Jayhawk Wind to that list.”

“If we are able to secure this partnership, it will allow us to begin project construction in the coming months,” Chilton said.


Jayhawk Wind is located in southwestern Bourbon County and northwestern Crawford County, he said, with about 80% of the project facilities located in Bourbon County, between the areas of Porterville and Hiattville.

To view the Jayhawk Wind project boundaries:



“Once construction begins, we will establish a construction laydown yard off the highway and begin upgrading county roads that will be used during the construction phase,” Chilton said. ” We expect that foundations will be excavated later this year, and turbines will begin arriving late summer or early fall. We hope that construction will be complete by the end of the year.”


Maps of the current draft of the project’s design are located in the  Girard office at 124 E. Forest Ave.


“Final maps will also be shared with the public when they are ready,” Chilton said. “Once project construction begins, we expect it will take about nine months to reach commercial operation.”


History of the project in Bourbon County

“Apex started developing Jayhawk Wind in 2016 and have continued to develop the project since,” Chilton said. ” In March 2020, the project entered into agreements with Bourbon County, which were updated in the fall of 2020. Since then, we have been working diligently to finalize the required approvals and complete all necessary research and surveys to inform the final project.”


Despite the challenges of the past year, we made substantial progress in 2020 at Jayhawk Wind,” said Julianna Pianelli, development manager for Jayhawk Wind. “I’m excited about what 2021 will bring, and I am looking forward to completing the final steps to bring this important economic development opportunity to Bourbon and Crawford counties.”

3 thoughts on “Jayhawk Wind Project in Final Development Stage”

  1. And our skyline will look like crap from this point forward.
    And at night all you’ll see is blinking red lights like an airport runway.
    Thanks Commissioners for destroying our lands

  2. Without government monies these wind farms would not be built.
    If they have nothing to lose they will keep destroying our beautiful land and make neighbors lives suffer.
    I don’t feel county commissioners cared what the citizens felt.
    So sorry for the families affected.

    1. If go down to HWY 126 and 43 just east of Pittsburg, you can what will happen. It’s not just a few windmills spread out. They have put nearly 100 of the monsters down there. Local property values on homes have tanked, the skyline is ruined, and at night it looks like an alien landing strip.
      And the locals haven’t saved a dime on their electric cost.
      Nothing against the land owners making a buck leasing their land, but nobody but the windmill company and the elected idiots knew exactly how bad it was going to be…..
      Everyone should drive down to see what’s heading your way, it’s horrible

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