Jail Heating System on the Blink

Sheriff Bill Martin demonstrates how all the cells can be viewed from the control room in a direct line of sight at the jail in this photo from April 2018, before the jail was completed.

The Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center has been having issues with its heating and air conditioning system since late summer, according to Sheriff Bill Martin.

“The systems weren’t changing over from cool to heat and heat to cool,” he said. The jail was built in 2017-2018.

There are currently 58 inmates, he said.

Martin said the failure of the system to work properly was because of the design of the units.

The Bourbon County Commission opened and reviewedthe bids for the repair of the system at its January 4, 2022 meeting, Martin said.

“The commissioners approved  French’s Plumbling/A.C, to move forward with correcting the issues with the HVAC system,” he said.

Repeated calls to French’s Plumbing for an update on the work were not answered.

Inmates have been given an extra blanket to help until the problem can be repaired.

“When a person is processed or booked into the correctional facility, they are issued one sheet and one blanket,” Martin said. “Since the issues with the HVAC system, they are now offered a second blanket.”


4 thoughts on “Jail Heating System on the Blink”

  1. How many millions of dollars were spent to build this piece of garage building to store people that really don’t deserve any blankets?
    If they’re cold, perhaps they can all cuddle together to stay warm.

    1. To the person who goes by the anonymous, and hypocritical name, “Concerned”,
      These people deserve to be treated in a humane way. They should get good food, good water, safe facilities, good living conditions, and good medical care.
      Are there people in there who seemingly do not deserve that ?
      Maybe in your opinion, BUT, they are still people.
      Many of them are in there awaiting trial, and presumed innocent until and unless PROVEN guilty.
      Many of them ARE innocent and will be proven so.
      Some are mentally ill and there aren’t many options to get them the mental help they need nowadays.
      Regarding those found guilty and doing time, some will leave and become better citizens than you have ever been !!!!

      The building is a piece of crap, even though millions were spent on studies, research, development, design, engineering, etc.
      I gotta hand it to the architects, engineers, carpetbaggers and bidders who came from outside this area with their slide shows, presentations, etc. and conned and flimflammed(oops I should say sold)
      our elected officials a boondoggle project that is now a taxpayer money pit. They did an amazing job !

  2. I have no trouble with providing those who are incarcerated with the basic needs of life. After all, to deny them such things would be to reduce our society to their level when we should be setting the examples of how to act in a basically civilize manner.
    What I do have a problem with is shelling out more money for this facility in light of its fairly recent completion. Even residential HVAC installations carry warranties for several years. Are you telling me we signed off on this project with not even the most basic guarantees as to the quality of workmanship and materials? If we did, then those involved need to be turned out of whatever position they hold because that is incompetence at a most pitiable level.

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