Iron Star Southside Being Renovated

A section of Iron Star Antiques and Such, 3 N. Main is being renovated.

Iron Star Antiques and Such owner Barbara Trimbur was sitting at the cash register on Wednesday, with the sound of hammer’s pounding in the background.


“Every year I try to improve the store,” Trimbur said. Last year she renovated half of her store at 3 N. Main, this year, she is renovating the south half.


“We are redoing the floor, took off the drop-down ceiling that was put in during urban renewal in the 60s,” Trimbur said. “We are going back to the old ceiling tile. And new light fixtures and fans.”


The contractor for the renovation is Ron Query Construction, Fort Scott.


The store remains open during the renovation.


The window on the store’s Wall Street side is covered over with plywood, following  a January 2020 storm.


Trimbur said she had the plans in place to start the reno well before the window blowout, and added that the glass is being provided by Peerless Products, a local company.


The renovated space should be operational again in mid-March, Trimbur said.


Trimbur said there are four women in the store’s co-op of selling decorative items, furniture and more.


“There are several ladies that sell stuff and we take turns working,” she said. “They pay a commission to the store and can work it off, like a co-op.”


Asked if anything was new on the horizon for the store, Trimbur replied with a laugh “I would always welcome someone to buy it from me, so I can retire.”


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