Interview with Robert Query – Candidate for Bourbon County 2nd District Commissioner

Robert Query is a Republican running for 2nd District Commissioner in the upcoming election. Here are a few interview questions with his answers.

 1. Please tell readers a little bit about yourself and your background.

Born and raised in Fort Scott. Auto mechanic, road construction and self employed since 1981. Bourbon county commissioner for 8 years, over the asphalt program the last 3 years of my term and also worked on the 400 highway project.

  2. Why are you running for office?

I am running because the last 8 years we have had business men with no road construction knowledge or background making decisions on road projects wasting tax dollars on road work using the wrong rock and oil, costing more than twice as much because the labor and material is wasted doing the job twice instead of once the right way. These mistakes don’t need to be made which would save taxes. Having 8 years of experience as county commissioner means “NO ON THE JOB TRAINING MISTAKES” where someone new would be learning the job!

 3. What do you feel is the single most important issue facing the county?

Keeping the tax base affordable so the businesses and home owners can afford to stay in Bourbon county.

  4. Why do you think you are a better choice for voters than the incumbent? (If you are the incumbent, why do you think you are a better choice than others who are running?)

Already having 8 years experience on county commission gives me the knowledge to not make the mistakes of a new inexperienced candidate, which saves tax dollars from day 1 in office. Also having road construction experience by owning and operating dozers, dump trucks and other heavy equipment for many years lets me know when road work is done right the first time so it doesn’t have to be redone two or three times. That saves tax dollars which saves the tax payers money since almost one third of your taxes are spent on road and bridge projects.

  5. What is the single most important skill you would bring to the office?

Being a business owner I have had to make decisions based on the income and net profit, and not getting a paycheck handed to me on payday whether there is a profit or not. I have been successful in doing that since 1981.

 6. If elected, what would your top priority be during your first 90 days?

 I would address the concerns of the citizens on issues brought to my attention starting with the road problems and the high taxes.

 7. Health insurance is one of the fastest growing expenses the county is facing. What are some ways you’d recommend the county deal with this issue?

One would be to do away with the health insurance for the county commissioners because their job is part time and no other part time jobs get health insurance. That alone would save over 16,000 per year base at 450 per month x 3 commissioners. The other would be to look at what the county could afford even if it meant having the employees pay a percentage of their health insurance to maintain the coverage they have and not reduce it to make it affordable for the county as well as the tax payers.

A Candidate Forum will be held on July 31 in the Theater of the Ellis Fine Arts Center on the Campus of Fort Scott Community College.  Forum begins at 6 pm. Doors open at 5:30.  The Public is encouraged to attend.  This event is sponsored by the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce.

Be sure to vote on August 7!

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  1. Good answers, but what would you say are your accomplishments of the 8 years you served as Commissioner and what were those dates?

  2. stop putting your signs in my yard!!!!! 2402 locust rd.

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