Heavy Rains Lead to Flooding Across County

While some residents experienced soggy yards and full ditches over the weekend, other areas of Bourbon County suffered from flooding as the Marmaton River and other bodies of water overflowed their banks.

Heavy rains continued consistently Friday evening into Sunday, leading to flash flood warnings and a number of road closures. Other public areas including Gunn Park, Second Street Park and the Riverfront Park were also closed as they were submerged.

Emergency Management Director William Wallis said the state contacted him a number of times over the weekend to make sure the county was not experiencing any major emergencies due to the rainfall. While the Marmaton River reached 43.2 feet Sunday afternoon, well above the 38 foot flood stage, Wallis said he did not personally hear of any emergencies or rescues in the county outside of normal dispatch calls.

“Just a lot of water in a lot of places,” Wallis said.

Wallis said the National Weather Service calculates the flood levels will still be at about 40.7 feet Monday, but then will drop drastically to approximately 26 feet by Tuesday.

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While East and Southeast Kansas received several inches of rain over the weekend, West Kansas received heavy snowfall.

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    1. I’m not sure, but I don’t think Wall street was underwater so I think the Animal Shelter was probably ok. Any one else know for sure?

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