Heart of FCE Award: Doris Ericson

Heart of FCE Award

Doris Ericson, rural Hiattville, has been notified that she is the State winner of the Heart of FCE Award for 2021.

She was nominated by the Starlite FCE (Family and
Community Education) and represented Bourbon County.

After winning the District level, Doris was then declared winner at the State level. She will receive the state award for the
Heart of FCE at the October KAFCE State Conference in Newton, Kansas, October 3-5, 2022.

Doris Ericson has lived in Bourbon County since 1957. In 1962 she and her late husband Henry bought a farm, Cloverdale Angus, at Hiattville. Doris and Henry have six children who were members of the Hiattville 4-H Club. The first one entered 4-H in 1964
with the last child entering in 1980. 4-H was a major part of the children’s upbringing.

Their projects were livestock, cooking and sewing. Mom and dad were involved supporters of the 4-H program. Doris was a sheep leader for many years. If there was a 4-H event in the county the Ericson family was represented.

In 1990 Doris and Henry were inducted into the Kansas Master Farmer Homemaker group for their Extension, Agriculture and Community involvement.

In 2007 the Ericsons were awarded the title of “4-H Family of the Year”, in the State of Kansas.

Whatever happens in Hiattville, Doris is always ready to help. Building a fire station was one of the biggest projects. They provided food and labor. Doris and Henry were honored for their community service by being selected to be parade marshals for
the Hiattville Homecoming.

Doris joined the Bourbon County Garden Club after she became a Master Gardener. She says she has weeded, watered, and planted all around the pool of Fort Scott. She has helped beautify Heritage Park and downtown Fort Scott, filling planters and hanging baskets and taking her turn at weeding and deadheading the plants to make
sure they stayed healthy.

Doris volunteered to manage the dining room at the Bourbon County Fair. She bought supplies and ran errands. Cooking, making the early coffee and setting out things for the 4-H club that had breakfast duty; she was always busy. She held this
position for over 20 years. As a member of the Starlite FCE, Doris helps to clean and set up before the Fair. She has worked in the Prepared Foods Division for over 30 years,
entering exhibits and assisting the judge. She represents the FCE at the baked goods sale. This money funds the County FCE scholarship. For over 40 years Doris has taken entries to the Bourbon County Fair. She has collected many top ribbons and awards.
When the Fair closes Doris can be found helping to clean and put things up for next year.

Doris joined the Hiatville EHU in 1967. She was President and Secretary and then back to President when it dissolved in 1981. Joining The Starlite FCE in Fort Scott, she has been president twice , and in her words, “treasurer forever.” She is currently the
County Council representative and treasurer. For more than 45 years she has presented a lesson at the meetings. Doris takes an active part in the projects and meetings of the Starlite FCE donating her time and talents. She never misses an FCE gathering and
especially enjoys attending the Fall Follies and Spring Tea.
Doris is a member of the Friends Home Lutheran Church of Savonburg. She has served on the church board two times, and belongs to the womens’ organization,

 Doris is an active member and helps make quilt tops and tie quilts for the Lutheran World Relief. Her group of 4 women made and sent 15-20 quilts last year.

I am proud to present Doris Ericson, my neighbor of 53 years, for the Heart of FCE Award. She is a full time mother, farmer’s wife, and helper to anyone in need. She has done house and farm chores, raised children, and worked livestock, worked in the fields,
and then fed the harvest crews. Doris is always working. She is dedicated to her church ,family and community. She is a woman worthy of the Heart of FCE Award.

Submitted by :
Glenda Miller
Starlite FCE
1236 Fern Rd.
Fort Scott, KS 66701
[email protected]

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  1. I remember the family living in the old chicken house while their new home was being built, and a couple years ago, when my tomatoes were not doing well, she came driving into my driveway with a sack from her garden. Great lady and I am proud to call her my friend! Well deserved award, Doris.

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