Governor Kelly shows support for refugee resettlement in Kansas


Governor Laura Kelly joined a bipartisan group of governors in sending a letter to President Donald Trump to express her willingness to continue allowing refugees into Kansas communities.


The correspondence came in response to President Trump’s Executive Order 13888, “On Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Refugee Resettlement.” The order directs the federal government to resettle refugees only in jurisdictions in which both the state and local governments have consented to receive them.


“Kansas has a long and proud history of welcoming the world’s refugees into our state,” Kelly said. “As Governor of Kansas, I not only consent to the initial refugee resettlement in Kansas as per the terms of the Executive Order, I also welcome them into our state.”


Kelly said that her administration is committed to working with President Trump’s administration to ensure that refugees are properly vetted and arrive in Kansas in a safe, orderly manner.


“Kansans are among the most welcoming, openhearted people in the nation,” Kelly said in the letter. “I know they’ll continue to accept these peaceful refugees into their communities, just as so many other states have done.”


Communities in Kansas already have, or are preparing to issue similar letters of support for refugees to be resettled locally.


A full copy of Governor Kelly’s letter to President Trump is attached.

Governor Laura Kelly Letter

10 thoughts on “Governor Kelly shows support for refugee resettlement in Kansas”

  1. This is one way to increase our population and tax base. We do have housing and definitely have jobs. The language may be a barrier but knowing Fort Scott and Bourbon County we will have volunteers step up to teach and train.

    1. Nope, I don’t curse anyone or anything. You raise important concerns. Have communities learned how to avoid or prevent these negative impacts? Can we have support systems ready to go and request additional funds from federal and a state agencies, assistance from NGOs, be ready with legal and social systems to educate and help people to assimilate and become successful citizens? There will be challenges, however we need to look at ways to improve our communities and help them grow.

      1. Kansas Governor doesn’t care what the current residents of KS want or don’t want. Doesn’t care about the “refugees” either.
        This is just another political money grab. By raising the hand of Kansas to take in these refugees, the Feds will kick money into the state. That money is intended to help with the financial burden the refugees will bring to our gov’t services. BUT, it not only won’t be nearly enough money, the money KS will receive will be used to just dig out of the current financial hole the state is in.
        This is all about money, nothing else.

  2. I as a voter have not been asked if I want these type of people in my community. Has any one addressed the crime statistics or what a burden this will be on our community who are already overburdened with people needing help. We can’t not even help the homeless in our state but we want to bring in more people in to drain our already overburdened programs.

    1. You do know that most of the meat packing industry in Kansas is staffed by “these type of people.” And the primary criminals in Garden City are the white men who tried to slaughter “these type of people” in their beds with bombs.

      1. Hey Long Gone, google “gang problems in Garden City….”
        You’ll see all the problems that follow this culture. Fort Scott doesn’t have ANY gangs, and it sure would be nice to keep it that way. It would be even better if we could get our Sheriffs and Police to run the Tweekers out of town too. But if given the choice of drive-by shootings, rapes, and kidnapping, vs Tweeker property theft I’ll go with keeping my car and house locked. While our town is far from perfect, it IS very safe.
        Remember, these “refugees” are claiming to be escaping violent countries, countries that are filled with only THEIR people and their culture. You can’t blame violence south of our border on a few Rednecks.

        Contact your local FBI office for crime stats (there’s an office on Main St in Joplin). The numbers don’t lie. Towns with the lowest populations of Hispanics/Latinos/Blacks have the lowest crime. That’s just a fact.

        I’m just the messenger….if you don’t like the message its not my fault. And freedom of speech is still a right that I’m not afraid to exercise.

  3. Unless you have lived in the Southwestern part of this country, or a border state, you have NO CLUE how “inviting” this culture into your town will impact you.
    Within the first 6 months your local healthcare system will be overrun with non-insured patients.
    Within a year your school system will be focused so heavily on non- english speaking students, that YOUR children will be getting neglected and even held back to the level of these new students.
    Family services will be overwhelmed within 2 years.
    Your police agencies will be busy with crimes that follow the culture. DUI’s, Domestic Violence, and under-aged “brides” will become the norm. Sure hope your local police have a good gang unit. The ONLY towns in this country that DON’T have latino/hispanic gang problems are towns without latinos/hispanics.
    For every $1 of tax revenue they bring in, they will consume $5. Why do you think California is broke and keeps raising taxes?

    By now you’re probably just cursing me as a racist. Go ahead if that makes you feel better. But once the crime, graffiti, and gangs start to show up it will be too late. Ever hear of the Mexican Cartels? Guess what, they’re from Mexico……
    Most of these people will be nice, hard working people….BUT they will out breed you, they will bring ALL their relatives in, and they have ZERO interest in YOUR culture, so you better be willing to have their culture erase yours. Prepare to feel like a foreigner in your home town……
    The good news is, Mexican restaurants will improve, maybe…..

  4. I don’t believe Governor Kelly asked any Kansas residents if we want refugees to be resettled here ??

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