FSCC Football Takes a New Direction with New Coaches

FSCC new coaches, back from left: Cam Robinson-defensive coordinator, Harris Bivin-offensive coordinator, Michael Reynolds-ILB coach, Brant Newman-director of player personnel and defensive line, Amir Gant-receivers coach. Front from left: Kurt Kennedy-quarterback coach, Carson Hunter-head coach, William Henry-special teams coordinator and defensive back coach.

Fort Scott Community College’s football team has a new vision, with all new coaches.

Head coach Carson Hunter was hired in December 2019.

“Our program vision is to recruit, develop, and lead a family of faithful, honest, and fearless leaders to best represent Fort Scott and the community,” Hunter said. “To best represent Fort Scott – academically, socially, and athletically.”

“I think Carson is a great hire,” Alysia Johnston, FSCC president, said. “He is committed to making sure our student-athletes have positive transformational experiences in the classroom and on the field as well as making sure they have a positive impact on the college and community.”

“We are thrilled to have Carson Hunter as the leader of our football program,” FSCC Athletic Director Tom Havron said. ” When we spoke early about the direction of the program, it was very apparent that we both shared the same vision.”

“Coach Hunter is focused on players and coaches who will love their team, love Fort Scott, and love the game,” Havron said.   “He is a man of great character, faith, and values who will lead by example for the young men at Fort Scott Community College.”

Havron has been impressed with Hunter’s work ethic and ability to surround himself with excellent coaches that share a common vision.

“The football program is in very good hands, and I am excited to see the results of the work being put in by the staff and the players,” Havron said.  “The community of Fort Scott will be proud to support this program moving forward.”


Community Engagement Encouraged


“For us to be our best, we need everyone to take part of what we are doing,” Hunter said. “We invite all of Fort Scott to join us as program members – to encourage, support, and engage our student-athletes.”


Hunter said he has been working hard to establish a reputation with Fort Scott and the region, “and everyone that wants to be a member of our program.”


“Program members come in all shapes and sizes,” he said. “Some will be defensive ends, some will be patting everybody on the back. Everyone will have a role, we need the community  to help, and understand that this is their team.”



“And, our players need to be a part of what Fort Scott is doing,” he said. ” We need everyone to let us know how our program can help and serve.  Engage the team, we need them to be a part of what the community is doing. If there is stuff that our guys can be involved in, we want to do it.”


“I want to encourage everyone to follow us on  Facebook at Fort Scott Football and on Twitter @FSCCFOOTBALL,” Hunter said.


All New Coaches

All new FSCC football coaches will be a part of the new direction of the team.

“Some of these guys have worked together before in different places,” Hunter said. “All have Division 1 or professional coaching experience.”

Hunter is the head coach, to learn more of his background:https://www.fsgreyhounds.com/sports/fball/coaches/Carson_Hunter?view=bio

Michael Reynolds will be the new ILB inside linebacker coach: https://www.fsgreyhounds.com/sports/fball/coaches/Michael_Reynolds?view=bio

Brant Newman will be the director of player personnel and defensive line coach: https://www.fsgreyhounds.com/sports/fball/coaches/Brant_Newman?view=bio

Amir Gant will be the receivers coach: https://www.fsgreyhounds.com/sports/fball/coaches/R._Amir_Grant?view=bio

Cam Robinson will be the offensive coordinator: https://www.fsgreyhounds.com/sports/fball/coaches/Cam_Robinson?view=bio

William Henry will be the special team’s coordinator and defensive back coach: https://www.fsgreyhounds.com/sports/fball/coaches/William_Henry?view=bio


Two other coaches,  Harris Bivin and Kurt Kennedy, did not have background information on the FSCC Athletics page as of the date of the story being published.

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