FSCC considers adding welding program

Fort Scott Community College is in the process of adding a welding program to its offerings. According to Interim Dean of Instruction Regena Lance, documentation for the curriculum has been sent to the Kansas Board of Regents for review. Lance said that the program had been approved by the board of trustees, and that the curriculum had been revised before it was sent to the Board of Regents. According to Lance, students enrolled in the program would work toward a Work Ready Certificate, which they would earn after the successful completion of 24 hours of classwork. Successful students would also earn Certification A American Welding Society Credentials after the 24 hours of courses.

Lance explained that the program resulted from “a push by the Crawford County Workforce Education Alliance. It was requested by local business and industry,” Lance said. According to Lance, FSCC has received financial support for the program in the form of $33,000 from the Crawford County Workforce Education Alliance, and $16,000 from Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center. Lance said that these donations will help purchase initial equipment for the program.

“I’m looking forward to getting it [the program] up and running because I think there will be a good turnout,” Lance said. Of the benefit the program provides for students, Lance explained that the program would provide “a quick turnaround.” “It puts them in the workforce a little bit quicker,” Lance said.

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