FS Lake Advisory Board Agenda For Sept. 26


Lake Advisory Board – Fort Scott Airport – Ellis Hangar – 1869 Indian Road

September 26, 2020 @ 9:00 am

Call to Order: Nancy Van Etten

Flag Salute and Opening Prayer: Jeff Fischer

Roll Call and Special Recognition for Tom Brink: Nancy Van Etten, Nancy Maze, Jeff Fischer, Dean Striler, Shane Wood, Kevin Allen, Don Banwart, Debbie Mc Coy.

City Staff: Dave Martin, Tom Graham

City Commissioners: K. Allen, P. Allen, R. Nichols, L. Watts, J. Mitchell

Other Attendees: Board and City Staff can attend in person. To observe meeting go to the City of Fort Scott’s You Tube Channel.

Approval of July 18, 2020, meeting minutes.

Safety Update Will Always Be First: Tom Graham. In addition: Follow up on private buoys, replacement of rubber bumpers on public docks, safety signs and broken down docks.

Old Business

  1. Real Estate Auction of City Property at the Lake: Open discussion with the Public, City Commissioners and Lake Advisory Board.
  2. Sewer District Update – Nancy VE, Jeff.
  3. Fire Service at the Lake – Don, Jeff. Appoint person to attend Fire District Meetings.
  4. Lake Fort Scott Ordinances – Nancy VE, Nancy M, Tom G.
  5. Airport and Indian Road Update – Jeff
  6. Amended Lake Advisory Board Ordinance 3550 – Dave

New Business

  1. Advisory Board Member opening for West Side Full Time Resident.
  2. Smart Growth & Planning for Lake Fort Scott

Public Comments:

Next Meeting:


One thought on “FS Lake Advisory Board Agenda For Sept. 26”

  1. Dear Editor,

    Will you please assure the public is able to attend this Lake Advisory Board meeting. It’s open for all. We have a big enough area to be socially distancing.

    Nancy K. Van Etten
    Lake Advisory Board Chair

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