Female Self Defense: Awareness, Boundary Setting and Combat

Jill Leiker, Kansas City, center facing the camera, gives combat strategies to females of all ages Saturday at the T.A.K.E. Class at Fort Scott Middle School.
From left: Roger Kemp, initiator of the T.A.K.E. Self Defence Class, Bourbon County Undersheriff Ben Cole, Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin, and Kim Schwab, administrative assistant at the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center show a facsimile of the check that was given to the T.A.K.E. Program before the class began on April 27. The sheriff’s office donated $3,000 to the T.A.K.E. Foundation.

Awareness, boundary setting, and combat strategies were given to  The Ally Kemp Education (T.A.K.E.)class participants on Saturday, April 27 at Fort Scott Middle School.

Ninety-eight females from 12 years old and up participated in the first female self-defense class in Fort Scott by the T.A.K.E. Foundation, Leawood.

Jill Leiker, from Kansas City, was the class instructor,

If someone makes you uncomfortable, “look at them, take a step ahead and look again at their face,” she said.

This is the first step to deter would-be assailants, Leiker said.

Then she showed the class some combat strategies.

The class participants practiced the strategies with a partner.

Leiker said women often have an inner voice that tells of impending danger.

“Don’t ever feel silly about telling Law Enforcement, if you have that gut feeling that something isn’t right,” Leiker said. “Listen to that voice, that gut feeling is most of the time correct.”

“An average predator watches you six to 12 times,” she said.

Before the class, Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin presented T.A.K.E. Foundation Founder Roger Kemp with a check for $3,000.

“A portion of VIN (auto) inspection fees are paid directly to the Sheriff’s office and by statute can be used at the discretion of the sheriff,” said Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin.

“The TAKE program charges a $12 fee for each person who participates,” he said. “Briggs Auto paid the registration fees for anyone stopped by and signed up to attend. Other businesses gave donations to offset any woman having to pay to attend. The amount given to the Kemp  Foundation was $4,787, which included the donation from the sheriff’s office.”

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