Interview with Evelyn Taylor – Candidate for County Clerk

Evelyn Taylor is a Democrat running for Bourbon County Clerk in the upcoming election. Here are a few interview questions with her answers.

1. Please tell readers a little bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Evelyn Taylor and I have lived in Bourbon County for the past 30 years. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. My children were born in Fort Scott and attended the public schools here, and attended FSCC as well. My grandchildren will attend public schools here as well. I have a very strong relationship with my children. I remarried 2 years ago after the death of my husband of 26 years. Cancer took his life. He worked for Bourbon County for approximately 20 years as a Deputy with the Sheriff’s Dept. I started my career in the medical field working at a local nursing home before starting at Mercy hospital. I am a certified nurses aide, as well as an activity director and social service designee. I worked as a ward clerk and then a pharmacy tech. In 1993 I went to work for Newman Young Clinic in the OB/GYN office. In 1997 I left Mercy to work at another nursing home here in town. I obtained experience as receptionist, payroll clerk, and employee benefits and accounts payable. I advanced to office manager where my duties included Medicare, Medicaid, co-insurance billing, accounts receiveable, trust accounts, bank deposits, petty cash, order of supplies, maintain resident financial records, posting payments and helped with the budget. I have some experience with marketing as well. In 2006 I went back to Mercy as a pharmacy tech and then eventually ended up working in the Mercy Clinic where I presently work. I have always worked with the public.

 2. Why are you running for office?

For the past 15 years or so I have had an interest in working for the county. I have wanted to know how things work, and as a tax payer, where my money is spent and what is it being spent on. I knew that any office job with the county would be very interesting and challenging. I feel that with the experience I have obtained over the years that I would be an asset to the county.

 3. What do you feel is the single most important issue facing the county?

 I feel the most important issue we are facing is the economy.

 4. Why do you think you are a better choice for the voters than the incumbent?

I feel that there needs to be a change. I have good background in office experience. I am willing and able to learn every aspect of the clerk’s office. I deal very well with the public and feel that I am very capable of doing the job.

 5. What is the single most important skill you would bring to the office?

 Organizational skills, public relations and professionalism.

 6. If elected, what would your top priority be during your first 90 days?

 Education – learning every aspect of the job.

 7. Health insurance is one of the fastest growing expenses the county is facing. What are some ways you’d recommend the county deal with this issue?

Well, with the past employers I have worked for, the employees have always paid a portion of their insurance and the employer paid their portion and it has always been with a large company where you have the most benefits possible at a reasonable price. I would suggest thoroughly investigating insurance companies and not taking the first one that comes along.

A Candidate Forum will be held on July 31 in the Theater of the Ellis Fine Arts Center on the Campus of Fort Scott Community College.  Forum begins at 6 pm. Doors open at 5:30.  The Public is encouraged to attend.  This event is sponsored by the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce.

Be sure to vote on August 7!

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    1. I agree and a good question to ask since we can’t get too much input on that one! Same old same old isn’t going to work in this economy.

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