Donation to U234 of Science Cabinets from Robert and Kim Coon

Robert and Kim Coon own A1 Towing. Submitted photo.
Robert and Kim Coon are the owners of A1 Towing Service and often that business leads to buying salvage lots and liquidations.
“Any time there is a semi (tractor/trailer) accident that one of our three locations work, we will bid on the cargo,” Coon said. “Often the cargo is undamaged and we can sell the items at a discount price in our community.”
He gave an example.
“In 2022 we sold 25 new  residential heat and air-conditioning  systems and insulation for a 30% of the value, to locals,” Coon said.
At the beginning of this year, Coon, worked a wreck that had some science lab cabinets that were unharmed.

“Opportunity came for us to acquire these bio cabinets, Kimberly (his wife) called and spoke with Gina Shelton (USD234 Board Clerk and Finance Director) about donating them if the school district could use them. Gina was instrumental in the process. I believe they are going to be used in two different science classes.”

“These bio cabinets couldn’t have a better home than USD 234 science labs,” Coon said. “Kim and I have six proud  Fort Scott Tigers.”

Coon initially contacted the school district at the end of January, Destry Brown, USD 234 Superintendent said.
Destry Brown. Submitted photo.
“We then polled both principals and they felt they could use the cabinets in classrooms,” Brown said. ” In March, connections were made between Mr. Coon and the district to coordinate delivery.  The cabinets were delivered on April 6, but the spaces they are to go in are either under construction with the heating, ventilation , air-conditioning energy projects, being used for summer programming, or being deep cleaned as we do in the summer months.”
Photo of the science cabinet. Submitted photo.
They intend to place them in the appropriate classrooms as soon as those spaces are ready, Brown said.
“We did not want to unpackage them before moving them to avoid damage,” Brown said. “Right now they are being stored at the district offices to protect them.”
The estimated value of the two science lab cabinets is $34,280 ($17,140 each) based upon estimates of comparable property, Brown said.
Usage will be to secure storage materials in classrooms.
“The middle school is adding programming related to a paint booth and this would allow for secured storage of that,” Brown said.

“They will be placed at the middle school and/or high school,” Brown said.  “This will be determined after the principals return to contract for the 2023-24 school year.”

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