Dollar Tree Coming to Fort Scott in 2020

The new Dollar Tree will be located on south Main Street, as indicated on this photo provided by the City of Fort Scott.

The City of Fort Scott is pleased to announce a new Dollar Tree store will be opening in late summer of 2020.

Dollar Tree will be conveniently located on the Highway 69 Corridor with ground breaking expected in the first quarter.

The City is actively working to increase sales tax revenue in 2020 and expects additional opportunities to be announced in January.

7 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Coming to Fort Scott in 2020”

  1. Why could it not go in the empty building site where shoe sensation use to be? Fill up something that sets idle? Thankful for the new business but would be nice to utilize empty spaces don’t you think?

    1. I’m sure they looked at the cost and decided it wasn’t worth it. Also I think that area has a higher sales tax, so they may want to make sure they are competitive with Dollar General.

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