Dan the Junk Man Will Haul Off Your Junk

An entrepreneur is seen as a source of a new service. One who sees a community need and works to satisfy that need.

Dan Turney is one of those people.

He started his business, Dan the Junk Man, this week and so far word of mouth publicity have kept him busy he said.

Turney saw the old washing machines or other discarded machines sitting in yards or on porches in Bourbon County and decided to provide a service to remove the unsightly items, for free.

“I thought I would start a business to help,” Turney said.

After he picks them up, he takes them to a small acreage and sorts through the metal, wires, copper, etc., and takes them to a recycler or the dump when finished, he said.

Things like old dryers, air conditioners, washing machines, rims of old tires, he will pick up for free.

Currently, he has no employees and does all the work himself, he said.

He is retired from the State of Indiana Highway Department and is currently living with relatives on a small acreage near Fort Scott, he said.


Turney can be reached at 620.215.3543.


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  1. This content is full of meaning and inspiration. I do agree on your opening part where you says how entrepreneurs see opportunities on the needs and wants of the others. Wishing Dan Turney to have more customers in the future!

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